Facebook Data: Breakups – Facts and Stories

A London based author, designer and writer David McCandless, is always playing around with data sets and translating loads of code into well designed visual stories. Some of his earlier projects include visually explaining views of US politicians, and he has recently used another data set: when couples break up.

McCandless worked with Lee Byron who is an information interaction designer at Facebook, and they studied more than 10,000 Facebook status updates over a period of a year. When discussing the project McCandless said most couples breakup during three periods in the year. These were leading up to spring breaks, just before the start of the summer holidays, and a couple of weeks before Christmas.

It was also found that most breakups happened on a Monday, presumably following a bust up at the weekend, with Christmas day being the lowest day of the year for breakups. What time of year did you break up with someone?

Source: The New York Times.



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