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Dell Venue Pro: Release Date Choices – T-Mobile and Dell

We have some good news for those of you who have been considering the Dell Venue Pro as your next smartphone, as it looks like we now have confirmed release dates for two suppliers which will be stocking the device.

We previously told you how the Windows Phone 7-equipped Dell Venue Pro would be coming to T-Mobile, but now we have an idea on when Dell will be offering the device directly as well. TMoNews has managed to get hold of a T-Mobile document, confirming the dates for T-Mobile and Dell direct. If you want to get it on launch day, you can do so via T-Mobile on Monday November 8th, i.e tomorrow.

However, if you would prefer to get it direct from Dell, we can tell you that they’ll be offering the device from the 15th November onwards. Don’t forget that buying from Dell will get you much better technical support options, rather than T-Mobile.

There are plenty of WP7 devices to choose from this week, but does the Venue Pro interest you or not?


  • precious 1

    Is it out for T-Mobile already? Cause I haven’t seen it.

  • hai

    i believe its only launching the 15th but with the wifi bug, dell is shipping out a new shipment on the 19th of november. only from dell and microsoft. i dont believe they will be selling it direct from tmobile

  • Epolar

    As of Nov 11, 2010. Went to a Tmobile store in Nevada, and they have no clue of the phone, yet alone the release date, as stated on most mobile news update website.
    All article said will be available to Tmobile store on Nov. 8th is not correct. It would be nice to have the correct info.

    • precious1

      So true cause in Brooklyn they still don’t have it…

  • Phanna

    I really like this phone, how can I buy it? I live in Cambodai.

    • squishyhobo

      It goes on sale on the 15th on Dell's website, which may or may not have international shipping. If it doesn't, there is always eBay!

  • Curtis

    Cant wait to get this phone was going to go to the Microsoft store in my state until I realized it is opening until November 18th!!!! So buying it from Dell cant wait!

  • Just Got torch which I’m very happy with so Ill let this one go through to the keeper.


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