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COD Black Ops Zombies: Pack-a-Punch Upgraded Weapons List – Video Guide

Following on from our previous report on Call of Duty: Black Ops which gave you an early sneak peek at some of the Pack-a-Punch weapons in Zombie mode, we now have much more information via a new video that has been released.

We’ve already told you about the upgraded version of the Thunder Gun becoming the Zeus Cannon, but now a new clip shows off upgraded versions of most of the other guns included on the Kino Der Toten zombie map.

By the looks of the video, there are a few exceptions, as we don’t get to see what the upgraded version of the Ray Gun looks like. Just so you’re aware, the user in the video appears to be playing with some kind of mods installed, as you can see that his ammo is unlimited during the entire video – click here for more details on the hacks.

What are your thoughts on the new pack-a-punch weapons in Black Ops? Hopefully they will be as effective and creative as the ones seen in World at War. Check out the video guide here and let us know your thoughts on it.



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