COD Black Ops Hardened Edition: Ships – Zombies On Way

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 7, 2010

Xbox 360 and PS3 owners that have pre-ordered Call of Duty Black Ops will be getting more excited with every video they watch, and that includes the new “Pack-a-Punch” weapons preview posted today. The details on Black Ops Prestige badges and emblems are also a good read to get the juices flowing.

Those of you who have not pre-ordered may want to check out the £4.97 deal at Asda and the rumored Sainsburys price, although these deals are for people in the UK. Feel free to share the best deals you have found for the U.S. in the comments. has started shipping COD Black Ops that were on pre-order, so if you have not checked your email and ordered from them, you may want to do so now. Normally Play are pretty good at getting games delivered by release, but some times they even turn up early. Have you managed to get your hands on Black Ops early?

We ordered the Hardened Edition with, and with demand high its good to know the game is on route. Have you had pre-order problems?

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    how to get hardend just with out prsteej edison order from Q8 MY country

    • q8 black ops

      i want to hardened

  • ray elam

    How much does black ops hardened edition cost upfront from lets say um Gamestop?

  • ray elam

    how much does it cost up front?

  • Clueless Mum

    I do not play any computer games etc.. but I am looking to buy black ops hardened edition (used) for my son. What I need to know is: are the zombie passcodes that come with the game one use only – ie. if the person has already used the codes can they be used again? I would appreciate any help that you committed gamers out there can give me???

  • cash

    you guys should have checked out i got mine from there with a $100 gift card for gamestop and it didn't cost me a thing believe it or not. i already got it and it's sick i love it. thank god they patched the matchmaking system too because it was awful the first day or two. check out that site though if anyone doesn't have it yet, or if you just want a back up copy, it's free.

  • katie harrison

    order this game on monday and was dispatched same day! its friday and still no game! FUMING! specially as i now had to fork out for the game elsewhere! play will be having there returned- serves them right for not delivering

  • very annoyed

    i preordered monday off it was so called dispatched monday first class from a depot based in the uk and now its thursday still no game!! i rang them and they blamed the uk postal service. a preorder off is pointless as they obviously fail to get the game out on time if the royal mail is unreliable u wud think they would use a courier i wud been happy to pay for delivery to actually recieve the game on time!

  • Beckib

    I pre-ordered from and it still hasnt arrived, they said it could arrive any time this week! Had I known I would have gone somewhere else – I've made it clear I wont be ordering from them again! On the good side – a local toy store has copies on the shelf so I will buying from there and returning my HMV copy when it finally arrives!! :o)

  • aric

    black ops

  • Mike

    I got confirmation of post on Friday as well from I was hoping it would be delivered today (Monday). I've never ordered off Play before but heard they were pretty good at sending games to people the day before the release (Halo Reach, Fifa 11 and Fallout: New Vegas) but it didn't turn up 🙁 I have full confidence it will turn up tomorrow on release day 🙂

  • Mark

    After Hardened edition here too…

  • Lewis

    does any of you know where i can buy black ops hardened edition every where sold out

    • Caro has black ops hardened edition.

  • John

    thas funny 'Jon' since i got confirmation mine was posted from on Friday, so im thinking you just made that up on the spot as you havent got your copy yet !

  • jon

    activision sent letters and made online companies sign a contract to stop them sending it early , they will all be dispatched today monday bummer i know.

  • bumfree

    Nice, i ordered mine from and it was dispatched Saturday- I HOPE I GET IT MONDAY!!