Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies – Pack-a-Punch Weapons Preview

By Alan Ng - Nov 7, 2010

We have some good news for Call of Duty fans who are still confused about whether or not Pack-a-Punch weapons will be featured in Black Ops zombies. We’ve just seen a video which confirms that they’ll be included once again.

After a quick search online, it is amazing to see just how many users have managed to get their hands on a copy of the game so early. Street dates are often broken for big games like COD, but some people have had access to Black Ops for over a week now.

We’re not complaining though, as we can tell you that pack-a-punch weapons will be back. The only hints we had so far is writing on the walls which revealed the option to buy ‘upgraded ammo’, but now this video which we’re about to show you, reveals some of the powered up weapons that you can use.

If you head to this link and watch the video from 1h20mins onwards, you’ll see one of the team using a powered up version of the Thunder Gun, thought to be called the ‘Zeus Cannon’. We know it has been PaP’d since the energy waves have now turned to purple and it has a much bigger clip, whereas the standard version had white/grey energy waves and a 2-round clip.

We also see a Pack-a-punched version of a sub machine gun of some sort, but we’re not sure of the exact name this time – although you can definitely see the pink-ish glows around it when fired.

We’ll update this when we find out more details about pack-a-punch guns in Black Ops zombies. If you have seen any other guns pack-a-punched, let us know below.

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  • david

    i made it to round 1000 not hacking

  • bro your talking about nacht der un toten. no kino der toten. :L nacht was the first and most basic map. the box is the only thing it had. they made that map for promotional purposes to see if fans would like it. it had no perks only 1 wonder weapon and no special rounds. (dogs, pentagon thief)

  • chiddy bang ooa

    OK guys listen up. in kino der toten, there's a door with the word 'help'. in the corner there is a random weapon box. look at it and find where the ? is the darkest gold. open the box and a ray-gun comes out. first time ONLY. if u wanna know more, go on youtube and send mail to veggieburger93 ( don't ask about the name; the account was borrowed. good luck!

    • oh yeah

      oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah

      • chiddy bang ooa

        shut up

  • ghost11141998

    hey do u guys now if they are making more zombag maps add me to play zombies

    • zombiesmustDIE

      ps3, xbox?

  • zombie

    i like mpl in five keep that and u will last long i last 24 rounds with it

  • Ben

    Here are the best combinations of my opinion.
    For "FIVE"
    1: Ray gun and Winters howl.
    2: Ballistic knife and AUG
    3:China lake and Commando
    For Kino der toten
    1: Raygun and thunder gun
    2: Ballistic knife and Spas 12.
    3: Spas 12 and Raygun

  • TheodoreLover,

    i love the ray gun more than anything. the thunder is really good as the Zeus Cannon but it is bad when it gets really really hi like 35, it takes more than 2 shoots some times

  • memmememme


  • Joe

    cool is the wonder waffe in it cause if it is COOL!

  • scuba

    you need to shoot him in the head to slow him down only head shots work.
    all others will make him run faster. shoot carefully

  • Cr4zyKn1vez

    Yes my friend has it and has taken his gun like every time!

  • Darkkrolon

    are you sure?


    the theif in "FIVE" is called THE DOCTOR. If he gets next to you, he will take the weapon you have equipped.

  • Kevmeister

    How do you kill the pentagon thief???

    • Mr. Blobz

      try using claymores, grnades, and shoot it A LOT!!!! Have both of your weapons fully reloaded and do not bother to reload just switch.

    • Izandrosalazar

       i have

      • Izandrosalazar

          its easy
        if u have a ray
        gun or winter how;l

  • Randy

    if you upgrade the MP40, while havin a monkey bomb and the awful lewton equipped, your mp40 turns into Porter's X2 ray gun (the name only) its a glitch

  • pimp person

    wheres the video i cant see it i'v been play'in cod black ops for two days now on the same nazi zombie map and i cant find the pack a punch machine to save my life in reality to

    • memmememme

      its the teleporter on kinodertoten but u have to have 5000 points

  • RX100

    If you want to know where the pack a punch is then listen up. In Kino Der Toten. Link up that one teleporter (The one on the stage) with the one in the room you started in, then go back to the stage teleporter one and teleport (It’s free) . It will take you to an isolated projection room where the pack a punch is located. You can upgrade for the same old 5000 points. You will then, after a fixed amount of time, automatically teleport in the room you started in. (Though not before another surprise room) And that’s now you Pack A Punch.

    • NuclearHobo

      If you have A Fire Sale power-up, Pack-a-Punch is 1000 Points

  • person

    so does black hve zombies and do you guys know where to get footage

    • pimpin

      instead of dogs on the five map is there like a super zombie or somethimg because i was wathing this video on youtube where it started the smoke and the wierd music and a zombie came out of a door and that guy shot him like fifty times and he still didnt die then he he did something and it died and a max ammo came out of itthen the music and smoke was gone all of a sudden

      • 210

        i found a weird scientist

  • froggy

    hey is black ops splitscreen online multiplayer does the guest level up to

    • Waffles

      i think when the guest logs out it goes away or maybe its like halo where u can have mulitplte guest using the owners gamertag or if the guest recovers there gamertag and plays

    • mememme


    • NuclearHobo

      The guest plays as any of your 10 loadouts. They play on your gamertag. Im fairly sure you gain no XP from guest kills, flag captures, etc.

  • none of ur buisness

    does zombies have waw guns as well?

    • RX100

      Yes, you can buy an MP40 off the wall, but that’s about it. Though I’m sure there are more.

      • Mr. Blobz

        they have the ray gun as well, if you count that

    • NuclearHobo

      The MP40, Bowie Knife, Ray Gun, and colt M1911 (Starting Gun, new look) all return from W@W. I would've liked to see the Tomphson in-game.

  • walistin

    wow the thunder gun looks awesome

  • walistin

    thunder gun ?

  • 108linkinpark – Crossbow and Thunder Gun upgraded gameplay they are called the Awful Lewton (i think – can't hardly see) – a quick google search brings up a film from back in 1943 called 'I walked with a Zombie,' the films producer was named Val Lewton (coincidink?) and the Thunder Gun is indeed called the ZeusCannon

    • Brawl

      Ah thanks, thats what is was.

    • Irwin Lipshitz

      guys the 10 best guns upgraded in cod black ops zombies (only in "Five") are the commando, galil, aug, c275 dual wield, hs10, spas, g11, hk21 and rpk for ammo reasons too, and the python.

  • Hermann

    I don't know if PR was too stupid to see this, but the username of one of the players is 'JTAGS R Uz'.

    Obviously this is a Jtag. Lol. And they're posting it HERE.

    The thunder gun, though, with infinite ammo, would probably be a non-stop zombie killing machine.

  • Alan Ng

    Shame the Wunderwaffe isn't in Black Ops, I loved that gun..especially the powered up version! Mind you, the Thunder Gun does look pretty tasty. Look forward to seeing you all in game.

  • Brawl

    I’ve seen a PaP crossbow in a leaked video. I’m not sure about the name but I know it’s called the “Awful-” something. It shoots red lasers which attract zombies and then explode. It’s like a long range monkey bomb. Check out the Pentagon Thief in Nazi zombies. Here’s a link to some awesome new info:

    • Hermann

      Yeah, I saw that too. Monkey bombs are still in-game though. So it's like a double-attract combo.