Call of Duty Black Ops: Servers Live on Xbox 360, PS3?

By Alan Ng - Nov 7, 2010

We have some surprising news to bring you now, as we are hearing reports that the multiplayer servers for Call of Duty: Black Ops have gone live already, despite the game not launching until Tuesday.

We’ve been informed by our sources that a few gamers in the UK who already have the game have confirmed that the servers are live on the PS3 version of the game.

Furthermore, we’ve read on Twitter that a workaround has been created by early Black Ops adopters as well, as simply changing your system language to French will allow you to play online with no problems. This sneaky method appears to work in various countries in Europe, and also for gamers in the US.

We’re not sure if the Xbox 360 servers are live as well, so drop us a comment with your feedback on this. If the servers are indeed live, then expect Treyarch to reset stats anyway when the game launches on Tuesday.

Have you managed to play online yet?

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  • Ldltg

    Me 2 server down 4 how long?

  • Dan12

    I get '' Black Ops server is not avaible at this time. Please try again later or visit … ''
    What is fucking happening?! I cant play online.

  • mike volk

    mw2 has way better graphics but then again black ops has alot more to offer they are both great games and i would reccomend both of them

  • dom

    taking so long to join bant played a game and i started at 5

    • Cj Cardona

      5 am….on xboxl live or psn…

  • tim

    the ps3 servers lag during team deathmatch so it is impossible to get a high killstreak especially on summit

  • Andy

    Got mine at quarter past ten this morning and the servers seemed to have been up for a day or two anyway as there were over 200 people prestiged at that point, there's now nearly 300 people prestiged.

  • Ben Kohta

    Make everyone who leaked it bann forever

  • emre

    i played it in ps3 and i am 34 level now and it is amazing 🙂

  • Tom

    I got mine an hour ago from my local shop, just walked in and he said I could buy it, I live in Exeter

  • knightofnih

    i was watching a live stream of some dutch people playing it on xbox live last night… its been live for a long time

  • lol

    yes u r u keep killing me in multi

  • Hermann Enamorado

    I do not know whether or not I can e-mail you, but I have some new info for the new zombies from youtube.

    1. The upgraded crossbow is the the 'Awful Lewton'.

    2. There are two new kill rewards from zombies: The death machine for a limited time for the person who picks it up and the 'Fire Sale', I believe, which lowers the Random Box cost to Ten points for a limited time.

    3. There is an easter egg in "Five" and Kino Der Untoten:
    If you go up to all 3 red phones in "Five" and press X, it will play "Never back Down" by Eminem, like Der Riese and the spines.
    On Kino Der Untoten, when you transport out of the PaP (Pack-a-Punch) room, you go into one of a series of random rooms in the past. Some of these have film reels in them. You pick them up, then teleport to the PaP room again and go up to the projector, where it exchanges the film reels and plays another film on the projector.

    That's all I have at the moment.

  • Pollardo

    Yes they are live I’m playing it now online

  • Art

    someone on my friends list has been playing online since friday morning so whatever

  • Sam

    Well duh, how do you think reviewers do their reviews. Why is this any bit of surprising?

  • jMES

    yeah live for xbox about two hours ago

  • makery

    not live for xbox

  • tony

    i effin need the game already!!!

  • Ryan

    Yeah servers are online on both xbox and ps3 with quite a few ppl prestiged already from what ive heard but i really hope ranks/leaderboards are reset!

  • zenubus

    how the hell are you all playing it already?>

  • Mike

    it is live for xbox . i already have the game for ps3 and this is by far the best game ive ever played and i just got it last night..

  • Stephen

    yea it is live on xbox my friend is playing free for all on cracked as i type this

  • connor

    servers are live on xbox i have 2 people on my friends list playin online xD

  • Jack

    I have a friend who is playing online with his PS3 as we speak. I do hope the stats are reset come Tuesday, massively unfair advantage otherwise.

  • jordN T

    how do people have it in uk !! please tell

  • Dylan

    CANT WAIT!:D Getting it tomorow! One day early:)

  • james

    yehhh its live for xbox aswell 😉

    • Mike

      Is there a zombie mode m8 ? 😛