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Xbox 360 Kinect and Hottest Toys For 2010 Gifts

The holiday shopping season is almost upon us, so we should start thinking what Christmas gifts we will get our children. I do not have children, but I have seen how hard it is for my cousin to buy presents for his kids. However, Toys R Us plans to make this easy with their 2010 Hot Holiday Toy List. Kinect for the Xbox 360 has only been on the market for two days and has already made the list.

The product that made this list was the Kinect Sensor with Kinect Adventures Game, but will cost you $149.99. You have to agree, that’s a huge sum of money, and some of you might need to buy the games console as well?

Also on that list is the PlayStation Move Bundle for Sony PS3 Move. The price is less, just $99.99. Some would say that the Move has the edge, whereas there are those who would disagree and say that Kinect is the better device. We will leave that down to sales over the Christmas season, which one has the edge?

I can also see that Pillow Pets will be popular this year, Panda, Penguin, Monkey, Dolphin, Unicorn, Buzzy Bee, Ms. Lady Bug and Snuggly Puppy are all there and all cost just $19.99 each. We have to warn you that these items will sell out fast, so you had best get yours now to avoid disappointment.

These are just a few of the gifts that appear on the Toys R Us 2010 Hot Holiday Toy List, view the full list by visiting their website.


  • JcatNY

    The dark skin issue thing is complete nonsense – all the major sites like Consumer Reports have debunked that brain dead theory and found it to bull.I have a Move and Kinect. The Move is more accurate for games that require precision, so it will have its own category of titles to take advantage of the precision, Kinect is accurate enough for the types of games it will showcase which will more than likely be different then PS3's in the long run. Both do things well, but the advantage of Kinect is full body, not just arm movement like PS3 and Wii. This introduces a whole new way of playing games like never before. The beauty is, turning on the machine, waving your hand and being recognized and you start playing. No recharging, no controls – easier to learn and it really kicks your ass physically, which is a good thing. Any game on Kinect puts that whole Wii Fit series to shame, and playing an actual game is lot more fun then those exercise programs. But, if that's your thing, the fitness program on Kinect from Ubisoft simply makes Wii Fit look like something from 20 years ago.

  • Nikki

    Have to agree with Fred's comment, and the playstation move has basically copied what Nintendo Wii do by playing with movement, so i definatly think Kinect has the edge as its new, technological and as far as i know, its the first of its kind.

  • Hec

    The Kinect is not very accurate to even the obsolete Wii. In comparison to the Playstaion Move, there is none. Having used both, the Playstation Move is extremely accurate with all movements including depth perception. The Kinect tends to have jittery movements when tryingt to keep up with the actual actions. For example, on the Kinect Adventures during the rafting play, when you jump the raft is supposed to jump to have you clear obstacles. I found it to have it very delayed response. After some time, you do get used to the discrepancy and you yourself make the adjustment for such poor controller response. I see this suffering when you get into more active type games.

    The Playstation Move does come with a sports game included in the package as well as a demo disc for future games. You can also download games directly from the Playstation Network. The Playstation follows the glowing orb on the Move controller as its visual que so you can even play in low-lit environments unline the X-box Kinect which requires a good amount of lighting or else it will have extreme difficulty in recognizing darker skinned people. (Major flaw!)

  • Fred

    "PlayStation Move Bundle for Sony PS3 Move. The price is less, just $99.99"
    Well let's add up the HIDDEN costs -.

    The Move bundle comes WITHOUT a game only a demo disc, Kinect comes WITH a game and a demo disc.
    Add that to the cost of Move bundle.

    Move bundle is only suitable for one player and even then requires an extra controller for some games if you want another player you then have to add another 1 or realistically 2 more controllers. Kinect has everything you need out of the box.
    Add the price of all those controllers to the Move bundle.

    Move requires recharging by usb so it's either buy a charging dock or slim owners are stuck with only two front usb ports to charge the controllers only 2 at a time (Even if you bought a usb hub you still have to add that to the cost, Kinect requires no batterys or charging.
    Add that to the cost of the Move bundle.

    Move is very basic camera, Kinect has hi tech motors bult in that not only look up and down but allows it to autofocus, priceless.

  • Tim Jertson

    "There's this one product over here, and this other product over there and they are not quite the same but they are also different." Next time you are going to post a "review" like this fel free to use the following statement. Good luck.


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