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T-Mobile iPhone 4 Not Verizon: Proof Mounts

With all the rumors of a Verizon iPhone 4 we seem to have taken our eye off T-mobile USA, but maybe we shouldn’t have? Not much has been discussed about the possibility of T-Mobile getting the handset, but we now have what looks like proof to me that it is about to happen.

The reason why we say this is because we have learned from Engadget that WSJ reports that T-mobile corporate stores now stocks the iPhone charge / sync cables; so why is that? There could be nothing to it, but we have some other news to back up this claim.

Why have some T-mobile USA customers been receiving Micro SIMs, which we all know is used in the new iPhone 4 and iPad devices? We do not want to be premature on this one, but the evidence is there for all to see. This news also came from Engadget.

However, there is another explanation, maybe T-mobile USA has other phones coming to the market that will support the new Micro SIM? What do you make of this latest development? Do we still care about the iPhone going to other carriers, our recent article suggests not.

Update: It seems that we jumped the gun a bit on this one, it has now been reported that the Micro SIM is for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, sorry to get your hopes up.


  • jeana

    I have t mobile coverge and it drops calls all the time and my son can not call me from Austin he has to leave a message and i have to call him back. I am looking at another phone carrier service.

  • C_H

    Dakota above states T-Mobile is a "less popular and deserving network."

    I beg to differ. I have had T-Mobile for over 5 years, and I love it. It has very good coverage and is consistently rated #2 in MOST categories by Consumer Reports in MOST major US cities.

    AT&T is CRAP! Everyone I know here in Houston who has it HATES it. It is known for its static. Worse, I talk daily to one of my best friends who is on AT&T. Almost EVERY day, our call is dropped. Sometimes more than once!

    Get your facts straight Sir. I also concur with "Verizon Fan." T-Mobile uses the same GSM type network as AT&T so it would be very easy for Apple to offer iPhones to T-Mobile customers.

  • TheYellowRanger

    i've been using a iphone on t-mobile for almost 3 years, and I travel all over the county. No issues.

  • Verizon Fan

    I can see iPhone going to T-Mobile. T-Mobile uses GSM, just like AT&T. Moving the iPhone to them is a very simple and quick process from a technical standpoint. IT gives more profit to Apple and what is this about T-Mobile having spotty coverage? It can't possibly be that much worse than AT&T.

  • Dakota

    noooo way. Tmobile is not reliable enough. the only reason that verizon is even a contender is because its "america's most reliable". plus- let's get real, the main cellular phone companies in the US are AT&T and Verizon Wireless. Apple won't waste the time and money to give the phone to a less popular and deserving network, that's eventually gonna phase out anyway.

  • Frank

    No way the iPhone goes to T-Mobile. They have very spotty coverage across a LOT of the country. I don't see the Apple folks allowing such a weak network to carry the flagship smartphone.

    • Chris

      Actually Frank, I've had both AT&T and T-MO and have been cross country six times now and, in So Cal, all the way out, I had full coverage vs. AT&T had a ton of dead spots. T-Mo is quite good in So Cal and, on the east coast near NY, it's not bad either. So, I wouldn't be surprised to see the phone go to TWO carriers vs. just the big V. I'm hoping it comes to T-Mo and, if it doesn't, I'll simply run one on T-Mo unlocked. Even on Edge only, the service is still quite good and still allows multi-tasking whereas, on V, their network does not support multitasking. I may be mistaken but, I seem to recall reading this to be the case with the Big V's network infrastructure.

  • T-Mobile User

    WHO CARES!!!


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