Roku v2.8 Update: Hulu Plus Soon

By Gary Johnson - Nov 6, 2010

Owners of the Roku set top boxes will start to see the latest firmware update to begin arriving on their devices. This latest version which is 2.8 has some much welcomed improvements and changes to the user interface.

The update has only just started to be rolled out so you may have not received it yet, but you can always go to the settings screen to check and then download the update now. One of the biggest changes is the new ability to re-order channels. Unwatched options can moved to the side, and ones you want to watch can be bunched in a nice row. An option to layout the Channel Store in a grid style layout is also available.

Other changes include a seasonal home screen banner, time settings option, home screen clock, and new icons for the Channel Store and Settings. The Hulu Plus has not arrived yet but is surely only a matter of time. The re-ordering of the home screen layout now requires the Instant Replay Roku Remote which costs $15.

Source: TFTS.

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  • BCD_VA_Beach

    If you have one of the programable Harmony remotes like the 990, you don't need to buy the $15 remote. All you have to do is reprogram the Harmony remote. I added the new remote codes to my Harmony 990 and now get the options and instant replay capabilities. Thanks Logitech for a great remote.