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LG Optimus One: Android Handset On T-Mobile, 3 and Orange

Blink and you will miss yet another Google Android handset, the latest is the LG Optimus One, which was confirmed back in September. There is no denying that the Korean phone produces makes some sexy looking phones, and the sleek looks of this one is no exception – oh did we forget to mention that it runs on Froyo?

So we know that the handset has the looks, but some of the hardware seems to let it down – such as the 600 MHz processor. The CPU is still more than capable of doing the job, but we have come to expect phones with 1GHz and above.

The Optimus One only has 170MB of memory, but has something that the iPhone does not – an external Micro SD car slot. You get a 3.2-inch display and a 3-megapixel camera – again a bit low for today’s phones. However, do not let those minor things put you off, as this is only a mid-range phone and nothing more.

According to PC Advisor, those of you interested in the LG Optimus One, then T-mobile and Orange have the handset on offer from just £20 per month. Does this handset have enough power for your needs, or are you looking for something with more features?



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