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Kinect Review: Round-up on Xbox 360

For those of you are yet to read any ‘official’ reviews for Microsoft’s new Kinect hardware which went on sale Thursday, we now have a collection of reviews for you to read, giving you a good heads-up before you decide to buy.

We’ve taken a look at some of the reviews from some of the most respected gaming sites around, and they have all generally given Kinect positive reviews, with the exception of one or two which we’ve already told you about.

Interestingly, most sites have decided not to give the Kinect hardware an actual score, which is strange because they didn’t do such a thing when PlayStation Move was launched a few weeks back. With that Aside, we’ll show you a few non-score reviews from the likes of Eurogamer, Joystiq and Kotaku, as well as a few score reviews just to give you more feedback on Kinect.

Just to remind you, these reviews focus on the hardware side of Kinect, there are plenty of separate reviews available for Microsoft’s collection of Kinect software as well, most of which you’ll find over at VG247.

Check out the links below and let us know if you agree with the feedback after having a while to play with Kinect for yourself.

Eurogamer – Read

Joystiq – Read

Kotaku – Read

Engadget – Read

Wired – Read

Cnet – Read


  • SLEE

    I just found a site where you can win an Xbox 360, Kinect, and the Dance Central bundle –

  • Jim

    @Sam-and I guess you just got your check from Mr Steve Jobs!

  • Sam

    I guess Microsoft got big checks out, making sure that no review would come out.


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