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iPad iOS 4.2 Update: Developer Focus

There are rumors that Apple’s iOS 4.2 will be released and ready for download in the next few days, and it is iPad and not iPhone owners looking forward to the software update the most. Owners of Apple’s tablet device will soon get to enjoy multitasking, and improved enterprise and email features, which will certainly help the device, sell more in the business market.

Erik Sherman from BNET explains in his article that iOS 4.2 needs to keep developers on side, otherwise they could make the switch to Windows Phone 7 – which we all know is supposed to be much easier to write apps for. So not only does Apple have to keep developers from moving to Microsoft, but they still feel the heavy breath of Google Android breathing down their neck.

It is no secret how popular the iPad is, but some of us have been surprised at how much attention Windows Phone 7 has got – something that iOS 4.2 needs to rectify. 20 percent of developers said that they would commit to the iPad and Windows Phone 7 in 2011, while 29 percent favored Android. This does not come as a surprise, as it is a pattern that has been happening for some time now.

Sherman is right when Apple’s advantage of the tablet market is now over, now they will have to prove themselves, Apple’s iAd Global expansion could certainly help them now that things are about to get messy. This means that we should expect better hardware to come, and also a vast improvement to the mobile operating system, and iOS 4,2 is just the start.

There are a number of new features coming to the iPad, and will help it become a much better tablet. However, you have to remember that getting that download timing right is critical, so if the update comes within the next day or two, you should read our recent post offering valuable advice.

What features are you looking forward to the most on iOS 4.2 for the iPad?


  • Mike

    Don't like my iPad at all not impresses what's all the hype for sale….

  • Ipaduser

    I am running beta 4.2 now and i am really happy with the multitasking and improved mail. Further I think the official release will be Sunday the 7th…

  • ^^^ Use SkyFire!

  • Guest

    The ipad would be great with flash. There are so many websites that I was not able to get view properly on the ipad and wound up having to load up my netbook to view them.

  • Another compelling reason why Apple should be considering integrating Flash into their device… Or at the very least allowing it’s owners the right to make the decision for themselves. I speak to more people all the time waiting for the newer devices that promise them more options in a format they are already comfortable with. Apple has to be cognizant of that fact, but how are they going to deal with it is anyone’s guess.

    • Guest

      I couldn't agree more with the Flash comment. I'm looking forward to the multitasking element personally.


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