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iOS 4.2 Update: Twitter For iPhone / iPad Download Time

At the beginning of this week we had no idea as to when Apple would release iOS 4.2 update, but we have since learned that this could happen within the next day or two. As you can imagine, the Internet cannot stop talking about the new OS, and the most asked question is wondering what time the download will be?

As you would expect, there has been a lot of chat on Twitter about iOS 4.2, so I thought I would do some digging at what time the last update was made available. 4.0 was a massive update, which was the first one that ditched the name iPhone OS, 4.1 has come out since, but was only a minor update.

However, what makes this latest software update so special is not just the enhancements to the iPhone, but also is the first time that some of the features we take for granted such as multitasking will come to the iPad.

If memory serves me correct, iOS 4 was made available for download at 10AM PST, 11AM Eastern and 4PM GMT. I can remember sitting by my computer with my iPhone connected and just refreshing. I managed to download mine without a hitch, but there were those who suffered broken downloads, and this time things could be much worse.

The reason for this is simple, there are now more iPhones, and now we have to add the iPad into the mix as well. Most of the tweets on this subject talk about how developers found iOS 4.2, there was even a tweet suggesting that the release date of November 7th is not true – only time will tell. Visit Twitter to read the most reason tweets on the subject.

When do you think Apple will release iOS 4.2?


  • Edd

    This update article is 4 days in the past.

  • king

    just become a developer, like me. I hve had the full release version for 2 days now and the next version of itunes.

  • Dennis

    Hmmm…where is wald"Ios4"

  • Angry mob

    The title if this article is very wrong?!!! It says iPad iOS 4.2 download time etc etc. Then all we see is just a predicted time!!??

  • Angry mob

    It should be release today. November 7!! I dont want to wait another week !!

  • Roy

    The 4.2 software update is out on a Firmware website I use all the time. Its really simple but I would wait until the actual one comes out. Since when I did mine, the jailbreak didnt work on it.

    But if some of you are desperate and want to know how to get it on your phone like now now, I can help. 🙂
    Just email me at:

    Don't send me hate emails or anything please. 🙁

  • Gagivutz

    Omg it's out!!!!!

  • A.J

    It better be pretty soon I want my alarm back!


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