HTC Legend: Android 2.2 Froyo Update – Release Date ETA

By Alan Ng - Nov 6, 2010

We have some great news for patient HTC Legend owners now, as it looks like HTC are finally ready to answer your prayers with an unexpected update to Android 2.2 Froyo. We have some details on when you can expect to see it.

We say ‘unexpected’, as if you remember all those months back, the HTC Legend wasn’t on the list which was due for an upgrade to Froyo – as HTC seemingly cut off all handsets after the release of the HTC Desire.

However, that has all changed as HTC as confirmed via Facebook that Android 2.2 for the Legend will be going live ‘in the coming weeks’, hopefully that means by the end of the month. On an important note though, it looks like those of you who bought a HTC Legend outright, i.e – not on contract, will be receiving the update first, as HTC state it will take them longer to get the Froyo update for the carrier versions organised.

Whatever way you look at it, this is great news for the not-so-extinct Legend. For those of you that still have one in your possession, let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • makarooney

    I'm having a lot of bugs too. I'm just going to root this. Dumb update. Not worth waiting for.


    Just downloaded 2.2 for my Legend and it's full of bugs! Buttons don't work and take forever to do anything after being pushed. Freezes constantly. Any ideas of why this might be guys???

  • HTC Legend to receive Android 2.2 update tomorrow in Europe via

  • movingforward30

    and now its December lol

    its not coming 🙁

  • Green Canuck

    Any update on when this update will be happening? 🙂

  • Pieter Oosthuizen

    YEs please! Bluetooth synch, mem cards etc!!!

    What about 2.3 ? 😉

  • TheWalrus

    I can't wait to get my hands on it, I've heard that Android 2.2 will finally fix the Exchange ActiveSync issues that I (and, from what I've read on the net, many others) have experienced with not being able to set up an account for Hotmail sync of mail, contacts and calendars. This would finally allow me to put all those things in the cloud and sync it to all my devices automatically 🙂

  • psyionx

    Hope we get it. we R in-patients Q for Froyo… it takes me 1 day in the market to fill up the phone memory…

    Froyo will fix this send apps to sd….

    Gosh… i was wondering when will i really start to use 32Gb card…

    imagine you you have the card this size and the phone tells you that it ran out of space…

  • reddy

    Legend is an excellent phone, waiting to update it to 2.2 and hope it has live wallpapers!

  • guest

    Hi there. I've been waiting for Froyo since Nexus received his share of 2.2. Now that they are close to a release date for Legend I will sell it. No HTC for me anymore. They move too slow with these SO updates. We all know it's a marketing scheme so we will not play their stupid games anymore.

  • Fraziel

    Ah, at last, its coming..

    Can’t wait 😀

  • asyyy

    haha, patient HTC legend owner, more like impatient 😉

  • Arjs1000

    Nice, Been waiting a while. Looking forward to the updated flash player… Any Idea if a ROM will be available for it and if a rooted phone can be flashed to the latest 2.2 OS? or do i need to wait for my carrier release it? ( Yeah @Okkie , Vodafone sucks!)

  • Okkie

    Can't wait, 2.1 update 1 on my legend is full of annoying bugs! It will probrably be a few weeks later until vodafone pushes it though..