COD Black Ops Zombies: New Weapons – Thunder Gun replaces Wunderwaffe?

By Alan Ng - Nov 6, 2010

For those of you who are interested to see what new weapons are included in the zombie mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops, we have a new video to show you now, and it is pretty exciting.

We’ve seen a few videos of Kino Der Toten, one of the new zombie maps which will be featured in Black Ops. While we can confirm that the Ray Gun will be making a return in the new maps, it looks like the Wunderwaffe DG-2 will be replaced by a brand new weapon. Don’t forget that we’re talking about the new zombie maps, not the old ones on the Hardened / Prestige Editions.

We’re not sure what this new weapon will be called officially, but we’re hearing it might be named the Thunder Gun. It looks like it is a plasma energy-based, two round gun and has the potential to blow away a large group of zombies with a single bullet, much like the Wunderwaffe could in Der Riese.

There is a video of the new gun in action here. If you know the name of this gun or any additional information about it, leave us a comment below. Are you sad to see the end of the Wunderwaffe?

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  • Geust

    how do you mod

  • Killamanlij1

    how do you hack

  • Killamanlij1

    how do you hack

  • The Planer

    to get to level 24 or 25 on "five" there are two methods. One is to turn on the power on the botom level and use the teleporters to flank or escape the zombies. Two by far is the most effective method i use, its to have four players, instruct them to go to the defcon switches and activate them, then you and your allys go to the nearest portal and teleport, (when you do this you are transported to the pack- a- punch room, so use that as an advantage), then have two people watch the doors on the sides of the room while you and and the remaining ally watch the front doors to mow down any zombies coming your way. ( use the teleporter you came from for a quick escape if you get overwhelemed by zombies ). this plan only works if you and your allys in the game use teamwork…….TEAMWORK!!!!!!!!!!!

  • james

    the new maps are awesome i dont know what your talking about i got to round 42 0n kino der toten and 37 on accension

    • james

      i love zombies i got online to round 30 with 3 people we did the gun glitch i had thunder gun ray gun hk21 rpk and monkeys all guns wr upgraded

  • james dunn

    the new maps are awesome i dont know what your talking about i got to round 42 0n kino der toten and 37 on accension

  • fred

    why are we sad to see the end of the wonderwuffle the thundergun isthe same thing

  • Zombie owner

    best gun is a upgraded m16. i got to round33 wit it

  • black ops master

    the crossbow does atract zombies u just hav 2 pack a punch it

  • eeeeeeeeeee

    how do u get to level 20 and up i can ony get 2 level 12

    • GI_junior

      go onine and hopeyou get good teammates

  • Jayhead

    the crossbow DOES distract zombies when you UPGRADE it, freaking idiots.

    And the Thunder Gun, when upgraded, is called the Zues Cannon .

  • anonymous

    the thunder gun, or zeus cannon as you will. Is by far the best way to go using it and a the hk21 I got to 33.

  • junior

    all guns are cool but the best gun is the''ray gun'' or the ''freeze gun''

    • brandon

      actually the best gun is not the ray gun. the best gun is the thundergun. it replaced the wunderwaffe. it better be good! but the thunder gun is the best because it is a one shot kill on any round. including 100+

  • Moooody

    If you are Dr. Richtofen when you pick up the ThunderGun, he calls it the DG-3.

    Its just the future updrade of the Wunderwaffer GD-2. Since the actual story line is that they have travelled into the future.

  • sky4532

    cross bow doesn't atract zombies retard! it just stick to hit one kill.(if you can aim good ).

    • Moooody

      It does attract them once it is upgraded to the Awful Lawton.

  • nate

    is there any way people withouth harden edition play those old maps or are we gonna be able to buy new maps for black ops

  • yoshie999

    the new freeze gun is called ' winters howl' and itsw a very goos gun , especially when u upgrade it 😀

    • Guardian Angel 25

      Hey where do you find the freeze gun?

  • mitch

    crossbow dusnt attract zombies u idiot.. it just sticks to them or to the ground and explodes. i miss the wanderwafe soo badd. whats this freez gun thing? was tht the zeus cannon AKA packapunch thundergun?

    • treyarch

      the upgraded crosbow does u idiot

    • person

      pack a punched crossbows make zombies atrract to the bolt

  • hellboy 333666

    it is called the Thunder Gun but to get the Wundetige edition or hardened edition and there a new gun called whites howl.rwaffe you have to get the pres

  • madmuufin

    ya they are

  • maddmodd1234

    The new guns aint crap

  • rave8383

    the winter gun isnt like the ray gun its like a magnum pistol and the new maps are nowhere near as good as waw maps and the guns are crap where are all the big guns like the mg42 and browning

    • anthony

      ya W@w

  • guest

    it is the thunder gun its upgrade is lightning gun, or zeus gun or zeus's lightning something like that, but winters fury is another gun that looks much like a ray gun. it is a freeze ray, it sends a blizzard out of it and freezes any zombies in its path. upgraded it is winters fury, although it is unknown to what the difference is beetween them

  • NITRO365

    My friend got that gun last night while we played, also the cross bow is kind of like a monkey as it attracts the other zombies to it got to round 24

  • alex

    looks awesome the new maps are awesome.

  • Nick Ellinos

    its the thunder gun but upgraded its the zues cannon

  • mavrick Gammon

    oh i see no one wants to reply to me.

  • Psyousuck

    It is called the thundergun, if you can see in the bottom right corner, and it uses sound not plasma, hence thunder gun… uses shock waves.

  • ryan

    also monkey bombs are in aswell and pack-a-punch

  • Miron

    It is called the "Thundergun" as you can see in this YouTube video that is much better quality.

  • ghost

    show a video of zombies in black ops

  • ricky

    Its the Zeus cannon …

    • Alan Ng

      Hi Ricky, do you have a link please?

      • Alan Ng

        Oh nevermind, read a bit about it.. looks like the Zeus Cannon is the Pap'd version of the ThunderGun, thanks for the heads-up!

    • greg

      no its actually the thunder gun.

  • JDIZ


    • bitch tits

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