COD Black Ops: Visual Map Guide, All of Them

With just days to go until Call of Duty Black Ops in your machine working hard for hours at a time, now would be the perfect time to get some information on all the multiplayer maps. Sementnext has come up with a great article where they offer a visual perspective of every map, which you will agree is a very valuable guide.

There are four large maps: Array, which is covered in snow and an ideal map for snipers. The next is cracked; this is set in Vietnam and is ideal for close range combat. The third map is Jungle, and the fourth is WMD set in a Soviet base.

Next up are the medium maps for COD Black Ops, there are seven in total here. The maps are as follows; Crisis, Grid, Hanoi, Havana, Launch, Radiation, and finally Villa

Finally we have the small maps, with just three in this category. These are Firing Range, Nuketown and finally Summit. Visit Sementnext to get a close look at each map, what are your first thoughts? Many stores will be open at midnight so you can pick up your copy of Black Ops, use this Midnight Opening Locator.



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