COD Black Ops: Hacks Confirmed – Infinite Ammo and Super Speed

By Alan Ng - Mar 8, 2011

We have some surprising news to bring you now, as although Call of Duty: Black Ops is not officially out until Tuesday 9th November, we can confirm that there are already hacks available in the Zombie mode from the game.

A video has been uploaded by, and it shows gameplay from Kino Der Toten, the first new zombie level in the gameplay. As you watch the video, you’ll see that the player has infinite ammo, as well an unlimited sprint hack.

We’re not sure how this is possible, or what platform this is possible on – we’re guessing this is the PC version shown. Seeing the player unload unlimited rounds into the zombies definitely takes away a lot of the fun, as it basically makes you invincible if you’re using one of the best guns – i.e the Thunder Gun which we told you about earlier.

Take a look at the video here and let us know your thoughts on this. Do you think unlimited ammo and sprint will ruin zombies or not?

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  • fuck.your.pussy.hard

    how do u use hacks

  • alan

    holy shit how do u do hacks

  • dalton

    that is true. but i can't find it.

  • Omar mohamd assaggaf

    Hacks confirmed -infinite ammo and

  • jake

    can someone tell me a different cheat for infinite ammo.

  • mee

    allk this talk about infinate ammo and i havent even seen herd or read the cheat to enter so stop bloody whining

  • tino montana


  • A cod Player

    abit of a joke when sumone can place you in certain spots on the map or lock you in the tele with sum of those hack commands.. It should not be aloud.. Who has the right to change were you are on the map or glitch you out between to places, when you have paid money for the game.. So wrong…

  • ali

    hw hack

  • silopoipoio

    hi guys,is there any body inside now?

  • silencer-72


  • bob

    this sucks i cant find any unlimtted ammo cheats if any of u guys know how please tell me

  • josh

    one of my friends has computer players on his black ops so you can play 5 vs 5 and he dosnt play online? does anyone else have it

  • lary

    wat r u to put in the computer

  • ghost


  • adad

    the mod is shown on ps3 you idiots … its not a pc hack ^^ there was at the beginning something that he needs to push X to open something …


      It's actually Xbox if he needs to press "X" to open something, it's Square on the PS3.

  • MiiDNiiT3

    rofl, you guys need to calm down, i could understand if it was people on the enemy team who are modding and ruining your game, but zombies !?, it does not effect you and MODDING which this is, not hacking, makes the game much funner, for anyone asking the command is "give_ammo" and CAN be done on xbox by binding a button to the command like "bind button_lshldr give_ammo" where clicking the left bumper would refill your ammo 🙂

    • m162fin

      is there any cheats for inf ammo on the ps3???

  • unkown

    bind – g_speed 500

    thats the speed command and its not a hack, its a part of the game! its just a cheat

  • Conrad

    Hacking and cheating is what I expect from 10 yr old kids, not adults. Grow some balls and play fairly, a 9 kill killstreak means nothing if you're hacking or cheating. Soft cocks.

  • viktor

    bind 8 "sf_use_ignoreammo 1" = inf ammo
    bind 0 "god" = god mod
    bind 7 "noclip" = no clip
    bind 9 "give all" = all weapons

    Copy it and place it in config.
    Press 8 to inf ammo
    press 0 to god mod
    Press 7 to no clip
    Press 9 to all weapons

    This is working in zombie black ops and this is for PC and i have try it on Win 7 and Win XP.
    If you play zombie whit friends can you only turn on inf ammo.

  • michael

    3arc unlock gives u all maps
    just as u go to click zombies tap r2 and l2to get out uv ur seat an behind u there will be a computer go up to it and click square type 3arc unlock

  • butifuyuyfdkuyf

    ya what they said

  • Bryan

    can anyone tell me are there any cheats available for ps3 black ops (zombie) such as ammo,unlock guns etc…as we just cannot get any further PLEASE HELP

  • jake

    hackers suck its way much better just to use your skills and plus its illegal hacking

    • GCc

      a lot of things are illegal, more people do drugs than openly hack. in fact more people in the world have killed someone than hacked.

    • Cade

      You are just jellous that you can't figure out how to do them.

  • The Call Bomb


  • Richard

    Infinite ammo is not going to help you that much and besides it is'nt hacking, its CHEATING. Cheating is enabled by the developer cause the commands are available to any person that bought the game, hacking is actually changing elements of the game and that is elegal. So what is your problem? People that use the commands @ private servers, just use the tools they paid for!

    • fuku

      just so u know its not ' elegal' its ' illegal'

    • jon

      do u have any ammo cheats dude

  • Knobby

    Prob is with pricks that think infinite ammo is wrong is that they think its hacking like aimbots and speed when is not
    I find the zombies on black ops no matter how good you are hard as f**k so it all helps and i think that even if you had infinite ammo it would still be hard you might get that little bit further and you might even get chance to paker punch a weapon.
    All you so called sensible player need to just keep your opinions to yourself we payed for the game so let us do with it what we please


      I strongly agree, well actually I have gotten a few weapons upgraded without any hacks so I can atleast get to like 22 by myself but that isn't far at all for me 🙁 I have no idea how to hack the game and I heard it's easier for PS3 to but I don't find it any easier than any other playform 🙁 I LOVE the Spaz when you Pack-A-Punch it and also the RPK but just for a little bit because the reloading doesn't change like it does with the China Lake or the Spaz and other weapons I haven't upgraded..

    • BlaCkOpsOpticClan

      sup yo i just got a F ing com. account i need some friends yo i am the optic clan leader my dad is a supporter of xbox live i got 2 prestage editions im also a hacker sike i have a modin machine i mod disks i got 18 stgpttf.//redactedspol. mods 4 FOR 360 not pc like noclip, ooAMMO and speed hack ples reply i need a reply

  • hack dosn’t work

  • joker

    is there any ammo cheats

    • Fumama

      Yeah is there

      • joker

        wat is the cheat

    • hometown

      is there cheets for zombies

    • Alex

      email me at i can help u with those cheats i got every1 u could think of but i just don't use them anymore cause it gets boring.

  • Z0mbiePwn3r

    It's xbox if you look when he repairs windows. I used to do cheats like this on pc for world at war. Granted it's helpful but it gets so boring and takes out the fun of being chased and possibly dying. Thats why I stopped and just play to the best of my ability.

  • person

    sad some people have to resort to hacking just ruins the game for everyone else guess they will get caught eventually anyway but to all the other the other people who do have genuine skill at the game well done

  • Kevin

    I know the hacks im doing a 15th prestige lobbie now.

    • seeleyboy1

      add me

    • zak p

      add m rexdog jr

    • lolomgimsocool

      add me 🙂

    • johnnyg309

      can u send me a link on how to do it

      • kailen ferrington

        if u doin xbox add kailen276b

  • BlowMe

    Hackers are awesome!…just wish i could have better luck finding the XD. and sometimes its fun as hell to use cheats in zombies, gets tiring running for your life while trying to reload/find more ammo lol

    • jake

      your wrong hackers suck and by the way its illegal and its against God!

  • Anonymous

    I tried, but there isn't any ammo cheat : (

    • man

      there is i cant tell u

    • drake

      just type IA

  • leif

    Someone tell me how to get infinite ammo

    • tino montana

      ok ill tell fist you hold x and rt then tap y have fun note this was tested on m14

      • zach pach


    • fagget

      like this

    • liutdgfjv

      dont know

  • iLaf

    does the :facepalm: thing really work???
    I have the game but my xbox's hard drive is on reparation,will get it back today 😀

  • podge

    Limp dicks…

  • fth676586

    You Cannot Hack With The New Desktop It Is Impossible Jtags Are Down And Thats It..

    • GCc

      u mean dashboard… and there are some really good exploit finders out there… its just decided by them wanting to control it for the good of the game or distribute and elaborate it for the glory of the mod/jtag community… i do have a jtag, not for online, for doing cool things in halo but the PC gaming is just so much better, even better than hacking lol

  • 8080808

    nope i was in a challenge lobby last night ( only v1.0 🙁 ) and it had platinum guns superspeed and aimbot elitemossy was hostin the lobby

  • firechild

    All I can say is if you are hacking and modding… you are lame. If you have to hack or mod to win a GAME you are a major loser. Just like the boosters, hackers and modders in MW2…Losers! Get some skill it does not take game skill to boost/mod/hack. Not only that…if and when they catch you… you will be banned and even console banned….like replacing those concoles? yeah right they are sooo cheap.. It is cheaper to just not cheat!

    • M E

      Awww looks like some one got mad at there mom for deleting there WoW account so now resorts to xbox and bitching cause he in real life hacks… POOOR POOOR 43 yr old fat POS..

      • Sounds pretty descriptive…. maybe from personal experience i think. Don't throw your problems on other people.

    • AdultFire

      Whilst I agree with you on people having to hack to win is for "Major Losers", I am all for hacking and the hacking community, and trust me; they are all FAR from 'lame' as humanly possible.

      Also, it DOES take skill to Hack – it's just that there are so many god damn script kiddies out there that it ruins it for everyone else.. Given half the chance, I expect you'd SK too..

    • person

      i agree hope all the hackers get banned see how well they do with out all the hacks

    • anti-firechild

      dude, some people can play but like to have fun with it too. i want a zombie mod so i can go crazy with crap guns etc. btw they cant permanently ban you.

    • fucku

      fuk u nigga u think the game is all about being a lil fuck playin like all those people. there are some of us who like to hack so people get mad. and its funny. then they ask to be friends and ask how u do it. u dont know wat that feels like U LOSER cuz u never had someone add u because they want to know something from u or they see that ur a good player. ur probably a noob camper who will get killer by wallhack later on. u bitch

    • fireextinguisher

      hacking sux if u have an advantage over ur enemies. but hacking and modding in coop is totally no problem cos it makes the game even more fun. think before u say such a controversial statement

    • bob

      dude poeple who want to mod and hack just want to have fun

    • tyler

      you are correct if you hack or mod you suck at games.

  • koffiekoek

    Everyone with a jtagg xbox can runn a mod. They also go in a zombie map with 18 players instead of 4.

    • [dk] mathias123

      nice but what is the code when you get up from the chair and walks over to computer network?

  • Ryan

    Anyone else seen/read about the XP and challenge lobbys in BO? Looks like this is gonna be Modern warfail 2.5!

    • -_-

      No, the newest update for xbox kinect removed jtags
      When kinect was relesed they had new xbox codes so in Black Ops the jtag will be removed and if you crack the code and mod (which is techly illegal) they can ban you off Black Ops so I think of it as Call of Duty:Black Ops – Hack Locked –

      • Robert

        Just because jtag has been blocked does not mean hacks will not be released, as a matter of fact there is aleady a 15th prestige hack relesed and artificial aiming relesed aimbot, memory hack, radar, triggerbot, correction,keybinder, and GUI hacks on sptember 7th. People just havent found them yet so dont count on black ops being "Hack Locked"

        • fag


        • MR gay


  • ANON

    note the DPAD in the video, its on the 360

    • -_-

      You can hook a controler to the pc and it can allow you do have a d pad so LIES ON YOUR PART :L

      • wtbhf

        who the fuck would be so gay? he could wear a shirt with "I suck male, hairy asses and like it!". Dude. rly. nobody would lower himself so far.

  • ricky

    Seen a video where he was do n it with the Zeus cannon n the crossbow both upgraded…

  • Sam

    That's nothing new. The PC version of WaW Zombies had plenty of console commands. It didn't ruin the fun at all, most people actually didn't mind being on the servers.

  • jack

    :facepalm: these are just simple dev console commands which treyarch announced to be in the game

    • zak

      do you happen to know what the commands are for black ops unlimited ammo in the zombies game play?

    • COD Player

      What it is is just a code some guy used.