Call of Duty: Black Ops – FAQ Answered

The game that we have all been waiting for – not Gran Turismo 5 – is almost upon us, so we are certain that there will be a number of questions that you would like answered before you immerse yourself into the world of Call of Duty: Black Ops. So what would you like to know?

CVG has a great FAQ article that could be valuable to the Black Ops gamer, so we thought we would point out a few of the best ones. The first question was regarding how unbalanced the killstreaks were in Modern Warfare 2. Most of us will know by now that killstreaks has changed in the way that they do not count towards killstreak totals.

Perks has always been an important part of any FPS game, but this time there will no longer be ‘Stopping Power’ and ‘Painkiller’. This will make things more even, as before the enemy was able to withstand much more punishment than you.

There was also a question about the possibility of drawing a huge penis as your emblem, and it seems that this rumor is true. However, you have to remember that this will get flagged, not nice for the younger audience to see this.

Sorry about that last question, but it was one that was mentioned a few times. Visit CVG for more FAQs. What else would you like to know? To get yourself familiarized with the maps, here we have a guide to the multiplayer maps.



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