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2010 Fall Daylight Savings Time: US iPhone Users – Read Before Change

On Sunday at 2 Am the U.S will move their clocks back one hour, which means that they will no longer be on daylight saving time. There are those of you who wonder why we still do this, and I am one of them. There are a number of things that we need to remember, but iPhone owners need to be extra careful.

Since the clocks started going back in other parts of the world iPhone users have been experiencing an issue with their alarm. All alarm times that were set have been going off one-hour later, which we discussed in a recent post. Apple has come up with a fix until iOS 4.2 is released, which is said to fully resolve the issue.

For those of you who do not know, I think the easiest solution for now is to just set your alarm one-hour earlier – so if you want to get up at 7AM, set your alarm for 6AM. I have been doing this all week and is much easier than what Apple suggests.

By now most of our electronic items in the home automatically change time, but there are some that do not. Luckily this happens on a Sunday, so many of you do not have to worry about getting up for work. Lets just hope retail store employees do not have an iPhone, as there is a possibility that the likes of Walmart, Target and other stores could be short on workers for the first hour of opening.

How have you resolved this iPhone alarm issue?


  • Benj

    Nope, people will be late… Even if they use common sense…

    My phone has adjusted itself automatically, it says 8am when it’s 8am, I set my alarm for 8am and when it comes to 8am nothing happens… Remarkably the alarm then goes off at 9am… Then I’m even later for work because I googles it and now I’m commenting on a blog about it…

  • wiseman

    Little Chattie chattie; woman talk. And what the time is going back one hour. You guys are so HOMO and SISSY talk. OOOOOOOOO, my clock is one hour behind.

  • Ryan

    Um, since the clocks are "falling back", the penalty for not changing yours is to wake up an hour early, therefore you would be early for work, not late. Let's use some common sense here.

    • Lighting

      Your comment could be on fail blog for common sense fail. Since the clock set back, you would be late to work because u clock would be 10:00 and fixed clock would be 9:00,,,,so U R FU#%^*# LATE. Come on don’t talk about common sense when u ownself is a fail.

  • think about it

    Errr, won't people be getting up an hour too early if they don't adjust? No-one's getting up an hour too late to open stores man.


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