Xbox Kinect Launch Update: The Good and Bad

By Gary Johnson - Nov 5, 2010

Now that Microsoft’s Kinect has been out for a day now in the US, we are seeing more reports of the device becoming available. These range from both good and bad, but this is like any new tech device following its launch.

Josh Lowensohn of Cnet has listed some of the good and bad reports so far for the Kinect. The fact you can still find stock is good, with the big online retailers shipping within 24 hours in most places. Some of the early games for the device have been receiving some positive reviews so far. As long as the Kinect is not situated in the light it seems to be working fine with projectors, something that was a concern before launch.

Another good point is that the Kinect works great with the older camera accessory the Xbox LIVE Vision camera. But like any new device there have been some bad points reported. Dark skinned users have had some trouble with facial recognition. The unit has had problems picking two out of three dark-skinned players by their faces.

Space is also been a problem so far with the unit having problems picking out who you are if are closer than 6 feet away. Owners of the older Xbox will have to make sure they get the power adapter that comes with the standalone bundle, as the newer console has a USB port in the back to power the device.

Some of the third-party games are not getting good reviews like Sega’s Sonic Free Riders; with some saying it is impossible to control. Any early glitches with the device will surely be ironed out, and we should start seeing an improved range of titles become available as developers spend more time with the device.

What do you think of the Kinect?

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  • saz

    very inaccurate. jumps when i duck, ducks when i jump. always crosses players when side by side. very dissapointed. it makes me mad to have spent the money. i have tuned and calibrated and its still lame. i hate it.

  • Gregory Goodell

    i have kinect and love it. havent had a single issue other then not enough space to use it in my bedroom. decided to put it in the family room where the whole family can sit and watch and/or play. that and i only have one xbox at the moment and i use it in my room with non kinect games and in the family room with kinect games. has worked great with no problems other the occasional not recognizing me due to light issues which has been getting better the more i use it. my wife bought it for me on the 3rd and i have used it everyday with no issues other then the not recognizing me occasionally. i love it and i would recommend one to anyone even non gamers. hell my mom loves to play it to. may have to buy her her own xbox soon.

  • jonathon

    the new dashboard has messed up all of my regular games and now i cant play anything….. i just got the sims 3 today and i doesnt work

  • derek

    has ant body had probllems putting the kinect on to the old box the usb dose not seem to fit from the kinect to the old box

    • minbari

      you have to use the power adapter on the old xbox

  • Chris

    I love the kinect. Far better than the wii. The games are fun and get you up and moving around, much more than the wii. I recommend it for all.


    tbh kinect is crap, so much latency, the games titles are rubbish, and it's just not worth the money. Seems like microsoft just bundled together some apparatus without really giving it a real look over! The Wii is far better than this (don't know about psmove). At least when I mover my wii controller it moves at the same time to the pace I scroll. Kinect is just not ready to convert me or the masses! Boo microsoft, you fail yet again.

  • Tom

    Ok, here's what happened. The first thing I did was not buy Kinect. I turned on my XBOX, and sat through the mandatory dashboard update. As it finished, my screen got all pin-striped and looked really messed up. After the update finished and after the walkthrough, i restarted the XBOX. Now I have the ERROR 74 message with one blinking led on the front. Thanks, Microsoft, for breaking my console less than a week before Black Ops…

    • troy

      call them up tom

  • Patrick

    I have enjoyed mine. The speech recognition menu and the kinect dashboard isn't that bad. It could use some room for a little bit of improvement but so can the Wii and the Move. Mine recognized my face and sync'd up right out of the box. No problems at all. I think they need to add more to the Kinect menu but you know they will in time. Microsoft has stood behind the Xbox through ups and down and have really made it into a serious gaming machine. I would view the Kinect as a extension of their excellence. I give it a 8.5/10. I will score it better once they truly spend more time integrating it with the console. At a first glance my family loves it. Kids and wife love the games. I am a COD person myself. Microsoft sold it to the wife and kids and I think that is mission accomplished in their eyes.

  • tom banjo

    Not a game changer. No real integration with the Xbox dashboard. Instead Microsoft has opted for a second "Kinect Dashboard". Don't throw away your controller yet – Kinect is a GAME controller not an Xbox controller.