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Verizon iPhone Weakens While Users Discover Android

Following on from our recent post yesterday about the iPhone going to Verizon and how much of an effect it will have on Android, I thought we would take a different approach. It seems as though the idea of a Verizon iPhone has now weakened as more users find Google Android.

I am not saying that people have forgot about Apple’s smartphone going to Big Red, its just the wait forced them to go some place else, and that was Android. So how come so many smartphone users feel that Android is the better option for them?

The answer is not a simple one, as there are a number of features that people love about Google’s mobile OS, and the open platform for apps is just one. How often have we learned of a cool app coming to the iPhone, only not to make it past Apple’s ever-watchful eye?

I will not lie to you here, I have an iPhone and love it, but I cannot help but think that I get a raw deal. Knowing that my brother-in-law gets free turn-by-turn navigation with Google Maps annoys the hell out of me – and he does not mind winding me up about it either.

Most of the problems with the iPhone is the limitations, it’s as if Apple is holding it back from achieving so much more. It is for this reason that Android has come so far in such a little time.

There have been a number of people on AT&T just waiting to jump to Verizon for the iPhone. However, some have moved to Big Red, but to the likes of the Motorola Droid and the HTC Droid Incredible. At first they assumed that they were making a compromise, but months in, they will now tell you that they would never choose an alterative to Android.

Did you get bored waiting for the Verizon iPhone? Did you move to Android?


  • Mark

    I just got an iPhone, after AT&T bought out US Cellular. Within 10 days of my discovery of this, I was in the AT&T store buying the iPhone, and I have not been disappointed. I still operate largely on the Edge network, instead of 3G, but I still have decent download times, no dropped calls and good function of maps, etc. Interestingly, when I traveled to Dallas, where I did have 3G, function of apps that require internet connection was REALLY SLOW!!! I imagine that the larger markets have overloaded the network with iPhones, resulting in poor service. I was happy to get back home to my supposedly "slower" Edge network. Overall, I am VERY satisfied with both AT&T (after being a former AT&T hater) and my iPhone 4.

  • Tony

    Count me as one of those Verizon customers who's grown tired of waiting for the iPhone. Yes, I could have moved to ATT to get the phone, but the stories about their lousy phone service kept me with my current carrier. Right now, I'm waiting for Verizon to roll out the LTE/4G network. Then I'll buy a phone that works on that. If it's an iPhone, great. If it's a Droid, that's great too. A couple of years ago, the iPhone was the leader. That's not true any longer.

  • Bay Area CA Male

    I think the author is WRONG!

    Watch as 10 million users buy a Verizon iPhone in 2011.
    Then what will you say? DROID has this open thing going for it, ill give that up.
    But you a losing so much more… I played with my co-workers DROID and it is DEF not an iPhone. No matter how many features they directly copied from Apple, its still not an iPhone. We work in IT and both of us know the iPhone is superior in design, and code.

    BTW… he will be trashing his DROID when the vPhone comes out.
    He told me he doesnt want to give that buggy POS to anyone! He would feel like he ripped them off. Verizon might now have dropped calls… But they dont count when DROID just reboot out of nowhere!

  • Edgar

    I dumped my Verizon account back in August and went with AT&T and the iPhones! No reception problems, so far *knock on wood! Never looked back!

  • Tisa

    After years of the will they, won't they emotional rollercoaster I finally gave up on the Verizon iPhone and got a Droid (the Samsung Facinate to be exact). I love my Droid and the iPhone has compelety lost its appeal to me. My biggest pet peeve is Verizon's insistance on Bing (ehhh) but other than that the swype technology makes up for it. I will probably never forgive Apple the the torment and taunting they put me through :-)!

    • GS3

      Interesting, I have the same phone as you. I have a very different opinion though. The reason I dislike the Fascinate, is #1, I have a Mac, therefore Samsung will not give me an Android 2.2 update! and #2, there are no quality apps on the Android market. The phone is very good quality, loud speakers, good hardware, and apps look just like the iPhone's, (with homepage customizability!) BUT, every app is sub-par quality! The only good non-preloaded apps is Angry Birds, which is just a rerelease of the iPhone version! I also have the new iPod Touch, with much higher quality apps, and although it may be Apple-controlled, it's everything I want, minus phone calls. (I could also use the camera flash and better camera of the iPhone.)

      My biggest beef with the Fascinate above all though: I payed $200 for that phone, and the iPhone cost the same, therefore they should have identical hardware specs. I find the front-facing camera on my iPod very handy, so for the same price of $200, I should be getting that front-facing camera on my phone too!


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