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Verizon iPhone: The Message Is Clear

To say a Verizon iPhone release would be popular is an understatement, this has recently been further clarified by a poll carried out by Mashable where they asked the question Will You Get the Verizon iPhone?

There were six answers which people could choose, in total the poll received 9,691 votes, the most popular answer was Yes, and I’m currently with Verizon, this answer received 3,545 votes (36.58%), 1,679 people (17.33%) answered Yes, and I’m currently with AT&T and 445 people (4.59%) answered Yes, and I’m currently with another carrier.

In total 1,551 votes (16%) went to No, I’m going to stick with AT&T, 1,941 votes (20.03%) went to No, I don’t want the iPhone and the remaining 530 votes (5.47%) answered No, I don’t live in the U.S.

From these poll results you can see just how much people want the Verizon iPhone, it suggests that Verizon customers may not completely satisfied with current smartphone offerings, it is also clear that AT&T iPhone owners are not all satisfied with the network, that said some people still seem happy with AT&T.

If you would like to find out more about Mashable’s recent poll check out the source link below.

What answer would you have voted for?

Source: Mashable


  • Jim

    It makes sense for apple to get the iPhone on verizon asap. Here in Australia it is available on pretty much every carrier. I have been critical about their decision to lock in with AT&T in the US from day one. They should only have arranged an exclusive deal until a CDMA compatible iPhone could be released. And I can’t believe it would take them over three years to do this. Perhaps they really did not know how big a hit it would be when they were first negotiating with AT&T. But it certainly has limited their opportunity in the US. It seems like short sighted initial planning.

  • Bumper

    I was with Verizon via their purchase of Alltel, absolutely the worst service ever. After Verizon took over I couldn't get or make a call from my house, never had a problem with Alltel. Went to AT&T as soon as our contract was over and are VERY happy with AT&T and we love the iPhone. I suspect some of the "I'll wait people for Verizon" people won't realize how bad they have it until after they sign the contract.

  • Carol

    I am switching to AT&T next week as my contract will be up with Verizon! Unless Verizon gets the iphone or it is announced, I am getting the iphone with AT&T! I can not wait!

  • Christopher Abbott

    Bring on the Verizon iPhone..the sooner the better…the only reason I don't have an iPhone is because you have to use AT&T…everyone in my world uses Verizon!!!

  • Theo

    So how many years have people been using other phones because they are waiting on a V iPhone? Is this not silly as hell? And to those people that have never used ATT, and yet waiting on a V iPhone, that is even more silly. I'm on ATT, and the service is flawless, 3G is fast, and compared to my buddy on V and another on T-Mobile, the service is essentially the same, if not faster (but then again, they are not using iPhones, because they have been following this rumor for the past 3 freaking years!)


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