Samsung Galaxy Tab: Apps Scaling Problem Solved

By Peter Chubb - Nov 5, 2010

Back in September we highlighted an issue with the apps on the Samsung Galaxy Tab, as they would not scale to full size. This has already proved a pain to those who already own one, as they cannot get the full benefit from the 7-inch display. However, the scaling problem with apps has now been solved.

We have to inform you that Samsung or Google Android has not come up with a fix to this problem. JKK has come up with a great solution to solve this, and that is by using the free app ‘Spare Parts’. Once you have download and installed you will need to watch the video for details on how to get it to run.

It takes a couple of reboots, but once you have waited what seems like an age on video just open up an app that normally has a large boarder around it, you will find that it has disappeared. You can be certain that this app will be downloaded at an alarming rate.

Download the app now and let us know if it worked for you? What are your impressions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab?

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  • bsd

    Worked great for me ….. and holding out as well. Thanks guys!!!

  • Derek

    After you set up spare parts does it hold the setting? Just wondering if it gets turned off I will need to go through all of that again

  • Thami

    hey thnx dude it works,but after trying so many time..hahaha but thxn though