Samsung Galaxy S: Froyo Update Live – Download Kies Now

By Alan Ng - Nov 5, 2010

We have some great news for Samsung Galaxy S owners now, as Samsung UK has confirmed that the update to Android 2.2 Froyo is now starting to roll out. We have details on how you can prepare for the update.

As reported from BGR, Samsung has sent out a tweet confiming the update is rolling out, and that everyone should gain the update by the end of the month. Some users have already received the update after this notification though, so Galaxy S users should download Kies and check to see if the update is available.

You may recall that the update slipped out a little early for Galaxy S owners in Scandinavian areas, but this update looks to cover everyone in Europe and hopefully, Fascinate, Vibrant, Captivate and Epic 4G owners in the US.

Hopefully users won’t actually have to wait until Samsung’s end of the month projection to receive Froyo, as that would be pretty frustrating. Let us know if you have received the update already. If you have any problems with the update after installing, visit our problems thread here.

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  • ulisaja

    Hey hey i am still Puzzled with what is being said and posted over the Net the software is a littlecomplicate caz i try to download it successfull but the Ploblem comes on the connections my Samsung Galaxy S GT19000 can not cyclonized with the software that is Kies.Pls Samsung Dealers help me to get through this problem. Bearing on mind that i heard that so soon the NEW UPDATE CALLED GINGERBREAD ,FOR SAMSUNG GALAXY WILL BE OUT SO HOW CAN WE ACCES IT IF ALL THIS CAN NOT BE SETTLED SO SOON.

  • damo

    kies is rubbish, took 3 goes to install it, excluding it crashing my DVD drive twice, the tethering drops its config every 15 min, WILLNOT SAVE IT! the phone connection drops randomly, Samsung Australia is one of the most unfinished, not working web sites ive ever seen, always need to unplug then re-plug the phone in to get it to come back, then reconfigure the tethering properties AGAIN ! all i want is to tether the phone as a modem like HTC phones do!! and i have to run this RUBBISH to get it to work!… slow unreliable wank, give me the drivers for the galaxy ONLY so i can use it as a modem Samsung!!!

  • wnchiker

    I'd love to install Froyo, but no matter what I do Kies will not recognize my Galaxy S. Why Samsung insists on using a piece of crap software like Kies is beyond me.

  • Gorgon

    December 22nd in Norway – same as GavH above: 'the device version can not be updated'. It's a shame Samsung is totally crap when it comes to things like these. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • Andrea

    Lucky for all those people who can connect their SGS to Kies …

  • GavH

    Nov 30th, Using a Galaxy S with 2.1 on Orange UK, latest version of Kies – STILL being told that my 'device's version cannot be updated'.

  • Trickz100

    Hi im using an Orange UK sim on an unlocked Galaxy S, im from London UK. The Update was available but while updating the update failed via kies and now i cannot connect to any PC in any mode (Kies, Mass Memory etc). All PCs just say 'USB Device Not Recognised'. Im now stuck on v2.1. Ive tried rooting, formatting, removing sd cards, hard reseting, reinstalling/updating Kies… nothing.

    Is the update available OTA? How do I download OTA if it is? or/and how do I fix the connection prob?

    Thanks in advance.

  • John

    Im on orange uk. i rang customer services and they told me orange are due to release the update on the 30th november. for those who have updated already i think maybe you have an unbranded handset from the carphone warehouse or somethin simular

  • stewart


  • Simon

    won't update on orange. tried everything 🙁 orange technical told me to do a factory reset which didn't work either and now I have to get all the apps I had again… although I can just download the ones I actually use!!
    soooo frustrating.

  • Hurrawayne

    it wont let me update HELP!!!!

  • davemw2

    I have a vibrant and when i first downloaded kies it worked (connected and recognized my phone) and i updated my firmware from 2.1 to 2.1 update 1. After that kies hasnt recognised my device as being supported by kies. Ive tried everything! downloaded different versions of kies and took my sim card out and nothing works! Any kind of feedback or tips and hints would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • Alan

    Hi All, I have just spoken to network Orange(uk) and they have informed me that the froyo update on orange is being released in batches. This is why some orange users have the update and some don't yet; i do not. However they did say that all S handsets should have the update by the end of next week, fingers crossed!

    UNLUCKY US users!! At this rate we will have the next update(gingerbread) before you see froyo.

  • Alan

    Well Gareth, i have tried updating with my Orange sim card in situ and Kies states i currently have the most recent software; 2.1. I did what you suggested and removed my Orange sim and kies would not even recognise my phone for an update.

    Any further suggestions?

  • Amanda

    I'm on Orange UK and thought I would download Kies to my PC as waiting with anticipation to update to FROYO – firstly told me no updates for my phone then asked me to update Kies then told me there was an update available for my samsung Galaxy S phone but did not think for one minute it would be FROYO and to my absolute amazement it was! I did this on Monday evening 8th Nov! Still getting to grips with it but nice to not have to wait any longer!

  • landyren

    I have unlocked galaxy S using vodafone simcard. Kies version
    Have tried to update to 2.2 with sim in and out and no joy. Does the fact that it's an unlocked phone make any sort of difference/

    • trev

      is it contracted to vodafone if its not branded you should of been able to got froyo november 5th

  • Korvian

    Not getting anything through Kies for Orange Galaxy S i9000

    • Amanda

      Mine is a Orange Contract and I went into settings in Kies and it told me there was a Kies update which I updated and then it gave me option to update my phone – but know where did it say that it was Froyo update so amazed when phone switched off rebooted and came back on that now listed as Froyo. Also I did back everything up but everything stayed where it was and works with no loss of any apps, contact details, or anything.

  • Bell Canada

    When will froyo come to Bell Canada??

  • Pete

    I feel like I got trick into getting a galaxy s when sales mentioned froyo 2.2 is pre install. Later find out is still 2.1. I’m not as frustrate to those waiting for months but still disappointed knowing that my phone may perform better with the update

  • Elemino

    To DeepBlueC, you must connect your phone FIRST. Assuming you have set it to do so, it will ask what kind of connection you want to make. Tap Kies (Firmware Update). After Windows detects your phone it will show a new storage device is attached. Now open Kies. I just tried, but it didn't work for me… extremely upset and pissed. I'm sick and tired of waiting for this update.

  • DeepBlueC

    This version of Kies does not seem to be compatible with Captivate on AT&T. Tried all the fixes above but it will not detect my phone when I plug it in.

  • Chip

    Anyone not able to connect to Kies or having the driver problem should try powering down, remove the SIM card and power up without the SIM card and connect to Kies. It works for me.


    Hello Everyone, I am with Bell Canada, I own the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant.
    As of right now i opened up Kies and told me i have an update. So Im super excited.
    Lets hope 2.2 is released. I will update you as soon as i get it up and running

  • MIKE


    • George

      Can you post a link for Kies, please?

  • Meletios

    Mine's fully unlocked/unbranded phone and still says 'cannot be updated'
    I am guessing it is to do with them having started the roll out but may be its not available for all the versions……certainly hope so , will check in a weeks time…
    Now regarding connecting with Kies, I was getting the same flashin on my phone and pc not one way which worked for me is…change USB storage to 'ask before ****' adn then first connect the phone to pc as usb storage without kies, then take out the phone lead , start kies and then connect via kies…worked….

  • lwalty

    This is AWESOME news for the UK customers, but no good news for the SIM-LOCKED customers (T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, AT&T). We are at the mercy of the carriers, who are relentlessly trying to limit functionality (unless you pay for it) and install their non-removable bloatware. I’ve heard that the carriers over in the US will release Froyo sometime after the start of 2011. I’m not making this up.

  • Dan

    Im in UK on 02 but Kies says I already have latest upgrade, am I missing something?

    • Dype

      You need to update your Kies software, it should work right after you have the new version of Kies

  • chris


    I found out about this update in the early hours of this morning, I updated using Kies
    When I activated Kies it updated itself first then when it restarted and i plugged my phone in it just said in a box above the update firmware button at the bottom right hand side of the screen 'update available for this phone' was so happy to see that lol

  • SCP

    has anone on vigin mobile been able to update yet? I get device cannot be updated and am only on jf5

  • loic

    it depends on carrier so I guess O2 and Orange are updating but not vodafone or t-mobile.

  • Phil

    Ive got the latest Kies (1.5.2 1-1-3.100) and I'm on vodafone monthly contract, how is the Froyo upgrade supposed to be initiated? Does it come down automatically or am I missing something?
    Help if possible please anyone?

    • connect your device with out your sim card to samsung kies and click on the fimware update, and it should work fine. make sure you have downloaded the new kies version from the top of this page and all should be well. and problems email me on

  • Lee

    Is there something im doing wrong? Im in the UK with an Unlocked I9000 Galaxy S, i have updated to the latest version of Kies and it is saying that there is no update available?? Help please????

    • have you tried updating with out your sim card in?

      • lee

        Hi, yeah tried with and without sim, with and without sd card as well and still no joy :-/

  • rob

    I am on vodafone and i had mine yesterday through kies it is a new version of kies. Everthing working fine did not have to backup left all my apps on the phone i am in plymouth uk

  • Bobby

    Just got the update through Kies WOOOOHOOOOO at last

  • liberatoruk

    In the UK on O2, Froyo downloaded with no probs thru Kies. Works perfectly, very fast. Huge Improvement.

  • Hi all, i am gareth from previuos post, on orange uk, did not get the update until i took out my sim and memory card and WHAM you haver an update available, do you want to proceed.
    So i can confirm the update is live in england (UK) atleast, but only after taking my ORANGE UK sim card OUT

    • Leviz042

      Thanks Gareth, I’m with orange and I struggled with getting the update legitimately.I will try taking my sim out and see if it works.

    • aidy

      Hi ive tried everything and still says that there is no update available my phone is up to date im on orange to i have new kies installed is there a setting in phone i need to alter thanks

      • pjp

        I have the same issue with my O2 Galaxy S

    • trev

      is your galaxy contract ? how did kies recognise the mobile without the sim in it ?

  • gareth

    not for me i am, with orange uk

  • Skeeterb's

    Bring 2.2 for the vibrant to the US TMOBILE LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS!!! galaxy s phones deserve more attention!!

  • robert

    I could not update through kies even if I wanted to. Sprint epic does not allow kies mode (disabled) so I am at the mercy of sprint for OTA update, probably a month after official release.

  • Mobile Guy

    This is so thrilling! Every single US carrier says explicitly, DO NOT UPDATE THROUGH KIES! They say there OTA update is the ONLY UPDATE that is sanctioned! So how is this relevant?

    • voodoochild

      OMG this IS so thrilling isnt it!! i mean its not like it mentions that this update has been announced by Samsung UK(hint hint)….oh wait it does…

  • chris

    I am shocked it is true, android 2.2 for my galaxy s, and im on contract 🙂