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PS2 Games On PS3 In HD

When the PlayStation 3 was released Sony said they were committed to their fans, and wanted to make the transition for gamers moving from the PS2 to the new console as easy as possible. At the time PlayStation3’s had backwards compatibility, but this was removed with the launch of the 40GB model.

Robert MacNeroy of The GameHeadz is reporting that Sony said the reason for the backwards compatibility being removed was that the cost outweighed the benefit, and they planned to look for a new way for the feature to be included later in the systems life.

The site managed to have a chat with a spokesperson from Sony at a recent press event and was told that the company had a few ideas on the table. The idea of a firmware update was ruled out as it would cost the most to do, and almost every game would need specific emulation software.

The idea Sony are favoring is the HD ReMastering of classic games, and some of the industry’s biggest developers are already doing this to their best games. The plan is to gradually put every PS2 game onto PSN for download, and could start by Q3 of 2011.

This will enable gamers to enjoy their favorite games in HD, with 7.1 surround sound, Stereoscopic 3D and trophy support. What was your favorite PS2 game?


  • CoffeeBuzz08

    GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas, Star Wars Battlefront 2, MGS2, NFS underground 1 & 2, Red Faction 2

    But personally, I don't want to have to re-buy all my PS2 titles. I hate that the people that invented backwards compatability are not doing it this gen. Now Xbox and Nintendo are.

    Nintendo learned a lot from Sony in that aspect. The Wii did a good job combining the best they could all of Nintendo's consoles and turning the Wii mote sideways is a nice fit for us old school gamers that have a true love from the 80's. NES.

    • logan

      Damn i'm dying to see the gta triogy remastered in HD for our ps3 and btw i completely agree with everything you have write in your text. good thoughts


  • Gareth

    The PS2 era was just too good to be true when it was first released. Heck, most of the games are still looking brilliant today. I'd definitely want to see the following remade in HD: Silent Hill 2, FFX, Kingdom Hearts, MSG2+3 and Ratchet and Clank.

  • Ingrid

    My favorite PS2 game of all time is Silent Hill 2. If they remastered that for HD, and made it all nice I would buy it in a second (providing it was under $30 AUD).
    The only downside is I've already unlocked all the endings on my PS2 memory card, so will have to earn them all over again :/

  • Ron

    gta san andreas

    • Dean

      yeah, i'd love to see gta san andreas in HD a dream come true

  • Celtic

    Final Fantasy 10

  • Kevin

    thats be awesome if they did that to Star wars Battlefront 2

    • RoadShow

      YES EXACTLY! Star Wars Battlefront 2 is the best Star Wars game to date. I love conquring the galaxy and having my Jedi bonuses. I can beat the entire game in a little over an hour.

      I would love to see a Battlefront 3, why they wont' listen and insist on doing this force unleashed only I don't know. Force Unleased is okay, but not the style of Battlefront that I love so much.

  • Sam

    Nice for those who don't have a compatible PS3. I have a fat 60 gig and every PS2/PS1 games are compatible, so I don't need to buy HD PS2 games.

    Favorite ps2 games are probably God of War 1/ and Metal Gear Solid 2/3


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