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Kinect Xbox 360: Poor Reviews – Will you still buy?

If you have spent a few hours checking out the vast collection of reviews for Microsoft’s new Kinect hardware for the Xbox 360, you’ll know that a fair number of reviews from the media didn’t exactly give Kinect a glowing report.

The big question that we want to know is, is will these minor number of poor reviews for Kinect put you off completely, from heading out to buy the hardware for $149 this weekend? For those of you who had pre-ordered, you don’t really have a choice now unless you return it of course, but those of you who waited for the official reviews to come out now have one of god’s most important creations – choice.

Engadget didn’t really have too many positive words to say about Kinect, citing hand-gesture lag and room space as key issues. Kotaku stated that Kinect needs to offer more for the $149, while also giving a nasty report on Sonic Free Riders due to the Kinect Controls. Gizmodo however, chose to go down the ‘hardcore‘ route, advising gamers to wait for the games that they really want.

We’ll be providing a full review-round up later for you, but judging by the negative reviews on Kinect so far, are you still standing by your decision to pick up the new hardware, or has the reviews from the media put you off slightly? $149 could be an expensive mistake to make guys.



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