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Kinect For Xbox 360 Controller– What’s Next?

Kinect for the Xbox 360 had mixed reactions when the device launched yesterday, but overall – it was a good start. However, there are still a few things that Microsoft need to do with the new motion controller, but we are sure that the Redmond company is already working on them.

A thread on the gamrConnect forum has a few suggestions on what is to come next, and the first is developing an update to the software to remove any bugs. Another much needed update is allowing Kinect to work with Netflix and other dashboard apps.

The thread also picks up on this article from 1UP, saying that Kinect should not concentrate on the current format, it should take advantage of using controllers, like guns etc. This will not dilute what the core message of Kinect is; it will help the device thrive in another market.

The final thing that Microsoft can do is offer the technology to other products, something that we picked up on in our recent post. There are so many ideas for the use of Kinect on other products, but what do you think would benefit the most?


  • rendel fa

    I would like to see a gun to use and a call of duty for the kinect . You know step foward and your walking move the gun to turn aim the gun to shoot duck to duck, duck twice to lay down or whatever. Ultimately i want a gun to play call of duty

  • yea

    ^shut up basement dweller

  • “Kinect For Xbox 360 Controller – What’s Next?”

    Buyer’s remorse?


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