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Important iOS 4.2 Features and Download Timing

iOS 4.2 is just days away now, and we thought we would revisit some of the most important features along with some download advice. The first and most important thing about 4.2 is that it brings the iPad right up-to-date, as it does not even have iOS 4.0.

One of the most wanted features is AirPlay; this will allow you to stream content to any other device with AirPlay enabled. Another is AirPrint, so you will be able to send stuff to your printer over-the-air to print out.

SMS gets a little upgrade, so you will get a new FaceTime icon when you are in your open text message screen. Keeping with the SMS theme, there will also be a range of new text message tones.

These are just a few of the key features on iOS 4.2, for more details visit AppAdvice.

We believe that iOS 4.2 will be ready for download on Monday, but this has yet to be confirmed. When the download is released then there are a few things that you need to remember. The first is not to download the moment that iOS 4.2 goes live, chances are you will have a slow download and could even break your connection.

If you do want to download on the day, just hang back a few hours – the update is not going anywhere. Also, just make certain that you want to download the update on the day, we all know that users will find a range of issues, as they did when 4.0 was released.

The choice is yours, but you have been advised. Will you download on the day or wait?


  • Andreas

    I have 4.2, nothing special really, disappointed in it.

  • Popyzz

    Geez I hope the iPad's 256mb of ram can handle app swiching because unlike the iPhone 3GS all the apps are in HD it may lag like it does when scrolling to spotlight after turning the iPad on

  • RCZ

    I want to be sure iOS4.2 doesn't wreck battery life like the iOS4.0 update did with my (and friends') iPod Touch.

  • zoo

    I already got it 🙂

    p.s. the new ring/text tones suck 😛 . typewriter is decent though

  • manor2624

    I will download on the hour it comes out!!!!!!

  • well for the imminent release of iOS 4.2 every1 should obviously wait for the Dev Team to give all-clears for JB etc…


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