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Gran Turismo 5: Video Shows Damage Model – Impressed?

GT5 and PS3 gamers are surely in a better place now than they were in October, when fresh delays grabbed the headlines. But now, we have heard that the game is being stamped, and could potentially be released as soon as November 30. Until that time comes, we have a new video for you.

The new video is courtesy of, and in it we get a gameplay-glimpse of the new Tuscan circuit and damage model demonstrated from the perspective of a rally Citroen.

The new damage model will allow players to keep a close eye on their track expenses and enemy vehicles in the races they participate in.

Check out the video via the source and tell us what you think of the new damage model and Tuscan circuit.

Are you impressed with the video and looking forward to Gran Turismo 5?

Source: Video Games Zone


  • Martin

    Hi there. I cant wait anymore. I am already tired of the prologue version. Its like driving a ferrari with a 1100 fiat engine in it. I need gt5 now more than oxygen. I bought a ps3, lcd tv and a new home theatre system only for gt5. I ordered a signature edition from BT games and was very dissapointed to find out its not coming Nov 3 anymore. They need to hurry up now. I cant wait anymore. I started playing gt since the 2nd version. They keep getting beter. I just hate it how they always delay the new version coming out.

    • CoffeeBuzz08

      All I can say is the wait will be worth it. THIS WILL BE the best racing game of all time. It is Gran Turismo, always has been and always will be the best hence the GT, the racing simulation, the most accurate tracks and cars so accurate that even real race car drivers use it as a simulation (a lot like an aircraft pilot uses simulations as training).

      This time is different though. They have added online play, NASCAR, a new line up of high end vehicles (Ferrari & Lamborghini) and even go carts. All sorts of new physics, and nothing but the very best graphics.

      Prologue is like a demo only, it's really nothing compared to Gran Turismo 5 and is only out there to help the pain of the wait.

      Not anymore, now it's our turn, now we get to see the xbox fanboys druel over our blu ray, free online play, GRAN TURISMO 5 and Playstation Move.

      PS has always had the best exclusives, Gran Turimso has always been there along with Metal Gear & God of War.

      Xbox has nothing, and with their line up for 2011, I am doing nothing but laughint at those xbox fanboys. All they got is Gears coming in 2011 and a bunch of kids kinect stuff.


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