Gran Turismo 5 (GT5) VS. Prologue – Before Release Date

By Peter Chubb - Nov 5, 2010

The day after Cyber Monday could be good news for two reasons, the first is all the bargains you got ahead of Christmas, and the other is the fact that Gran Turismo 5 could be launched on that day. For those of you who wondered how far the new game has evolved compared to GT5 Prologue, then you will want to see these series of screen shots.

The idea that we could be getting the game before Christmas after all has put a huge smile on my face, as well as a few of my friends and family members. This is the biggest exclusive for the PS3 before the end of the year, but we fear that gamers could still be engrossed in Black Ops?

GamingBolt has five sets of screen shots for you to compare, these consist of images from the rear, front and cockpit of the cars, as well as one of the pit crew.

The first shot of the cockpit is the most dramatic, you can see how clear and crisp the image is compared to the lower one – Prologue. You can even make out the dials on the dash on the top image. Take a look at all five screen shots and give us your honest opinion.

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  • Dave

    I don't really see how you can make a comparison between two games like black ops and GT5. Even if people are "engrossed" in black ops if they have any desire in their heart to play a racing game they will probably buy GT5.

  • Onit

    Black what? I play first person shooters on my PC. Mouse and Keyboard are ESSENTIAL. GTV, I've ben anxiously awaiting for years… getting close. Pre-orderd in September…

    I really can't wait…

  • wardski

    went to get GT5 today, been put back again, they say another month, what a joke!
    Starting to get right pissed off grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  • James

    Where are the pictures?? :/

  • Chris

    GT5 is the reason I got myself a 50" + PS3 for christmas. The Only reason.

  • Mornelithe

    In my house, Black Ops doesn't have a chance against GT5 😉

    • Jonathen

      In everyone else's house, Black ops doesn't even compare to what GT5 is going to be.

      • tgn1989

        you cant compare black ops and gt5 CUZ ITS 2 DIFF GENRES!!! geeez