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Gran Turismo 5 (GT5): New Release Date for PS3?

Time to put your chin up now PS3 users, as we have some promising details which suggest that a Gran Turismo 5 release on the PS3 will still happen before the end of the year, better yet, before the end of this month!

As reported from VG247, Sony’s official store now has the game available for pre-order online, with a shipping date of Tuesday November 30th – the usual day in which the US get their frequent game releases.

Considering that the online listing at the Sony Style website has still not been removed, it is looking quite promising that this is indeed, the new release date for the game. Don’t forget it was only a few days ago, when we told you that the game discs were apparently being ‘stamped’ already – so the signs are looking good for PS3 owners.

Check out the listing at Sony Style here, you can pre-order it direct from them for $59.99 if you haven’t already.



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