Gran Turismo 5 (GT5): New Release Date for PS3?

By Alan Ng - Nov 5, 2010

Time to put your chin up now PS3 users, as we have some promising details which suggest that a Gran Turismo 5 release on the PS3 will still happen before the end of the year, better yet, before the end of this month!

As reported from VG247, Sony’s official store now has the game available for pre-order online, with a shipping date of Tuesday November 30th – the usual day in which the US get their frequent game releases.

Considering that the online listing at the Sony Style website has still not been removed, it is looking quite promising that this is indeed, the new release date for the game. Don’t forget it was only a few days ago, when we told you that the game discs were apparently being ‘stamped’ already – so the signs are looking good for PS3 owners.

Check out the listing at Sony Style here, you can pre-order it direct from them for $59.99 if you haven’t already.

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  • gbj


  • TheGame316

    Forzas king.. You gotta be kidding me. I dont care how long it takes. As long as it DOES come out(which it will) If there are problems causing the delays, then I prefer the problems get sorted out. And as for the comment about sales suffering because of the delay…I dont think so. We all know that if it lives up to the hype; this will be THE BEST Car racing game of all time( up until GT6 comes out anyway)

  • marhorn

    Too long a wait! Forza is king now!

  • Johnson-Neu Neu

    go with the flow

  • James

    Im going crazy waiting for this game…i even got hair loss bcos of gt5! Sony stamp the discs faster!

  • bubbles

    if they get to close to x-mas lets say a week ether side of it thay wont make the sails they wont becous most people have a limeited budget so they realy carnt afford the 120-150 price tag

  • longneck

    Pre-ordered on dell today and it shows 1/1/2011.

  • cathy

    I was told it was to come out today, take it, it's not now?

  • CAMY

    What about a europe release date then?

  • toto

    Because Project Manager sucks lol

  • Robbin

    why is the game constantly getting delayed

  • JLB

    Just received an e-mail from saying delivery estimate 17 Dec 10.

  • Andrew

    it says ON or AROUND the 30th…we all know that it will be AROUND not ON that date…
    Honestly, id rather them have a perfect game before they release it…I for one am getting impatient, but primarily due to the anticipation of how EPIC the game will be

  • Chris

    I heard December 31st

  • Cody

    I was told at Gamestop that it was pushed back to January 1, 2011