Dell Inspiron Duo: Tablet/Netbook Hybrid Video

By Jamie Pert - Nov 5, 2010

A promotional video has recently been released by Dell which shows off their upcoming tablet/netbook hybrid the Inspiron Duo, details are scarce at the moment, however the video shows a very innovative-looking device.

The Inspiron Duo has the same form-factor as any standard netbook, however the display can be rotated in a pretty unique way, once rotated you have a pretty slender tablet to use.

Check out the video below to see just how impressive this device looks, at the end of this video it says that the device is “coming soon”, therefore we expect to hear more details in the near future.

Do you think the Inspiron Duo’s design will be a success?

Source: SlashGear

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  • Chris

    Hey guys, Check out this link for a way to sign up for news and discounts related to the new Dell Inspiron Duo!

  • jim

    well adding 3g and dvd/cd player and it will be the everything device a e-reader, a tablet, a net book or a dvd player, even a gps using 3g, than just add blue tooth and it is a phone too yes a big one so using a jaw bone and carying in a purse or just carry like a book i see this as the everything device…. could be a i pad buster i hope… my isues with apple are as strong as my isues with windows but changing the operating system on any lap top is not that bad so maby with 3g thay can add android