CoD Black Ops: Will You Boost to Prestige?

By Jamie Pert - Nov 5, 2010

When Modern Warfare 2 was released it seemed as if gamers would do whatever they could to boost their rank to reach the tenth prestige, now that Black Ops is just a few days away we wondered whether people will do the same when they finally get their hands on the next installment of Call of Duty.

I know two people who boosted early on, both of them regret doing it as it gives you nothing to aim for (except for some challenges), therefore I think that a lot less people will boost this time round.

Personally I have never seen the point of boosting, especially as prestiging in Black Ops only unlocks extra class spots, face tattoos, access to prestige leaderboards, golden camouflage for guns and access to prestige playlists.

Did you boost your rank in Modern Warfare 2? If so, will you boost your Black Ops rank? Come on guys be honest….

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  • VassupIt’sBruno

    Lollllll, i hack not boost. !!

  • Brendon362

    Hmm. Well now MW3 is out so this thread is a bit outdated.. lol and just cuz everyone is sharing their stats:
    CoD4: 10th prestige 55, all golden guns/challenges done.
    CoD5: 10th prestige 65
    MW2: 10th prestige 70
    Black Ops: 5th prestige 44
    MW3: 1st prestige 23

    No boosting, cheating, or lobbies.. Ever

  • tyler stephens


  • mmitch4m

    glad to see the boosters playing black ops.. feels good doesnt it when you get reset lmao fucking stupid kids

  • CoD-WiiZaRd

    Boosting/camping police FTW!!! This basically means shoot booster and shoot beside campers in your team lol

  • jonny2bags

    Essentially, the only use for the level system is to maintain intrest. It keeps the poeple who'd usually play a game for a few days then move on intrested, while giving the people who love the game something to aim for. If your boosting it's beside the point. The first online FPS shooters didn't have classes or levels or unlocks and nobody cared. Anyone who cheats or cares in the slightest about people who cheat are missing the point entrely, even more so if it's got the point where people you don't know are irritating you.
    I think too many people treat this game series as a job that they don't get paid to do. I think the fact that people want to prestige and loose everyhting they've worked for prooves this

  • Bobster

    Boosting is so clearly a need to overcompensate for poor play and low self esteem. It looks dumb when I am playing black ops (im lvl 25 no prestige 1.91kdr ps3) and i destroy all the lvl 3 prestige and higher, because anyone that high is most likely cheating at this point. Makes for good after game cussing when the people are like 150 lvls higher than me and i rock them more than anyone else. All I know is that I find it beneficial to look for people with over the top prestige because that is the most surefire way to know your in for some good nub hunting.

    • Element

      ~that doest mean that the lvl 3 prestige cheated in the game it means it is a new player at least for me im lvl 2 prestige and this is my first COD ever <.< and my 2nd FPS (the other was unreal tournament)

  • LizardKing

    Cheating is always a poor move. I find it funny how most lvl 10 prestige in modernwarfare 2 get rocked, because they have no skill of their own. So few people make it there on pure grind, but it sure isn't hard to distinguish between the real deals and the cheaters once the game starts!

  • riwhofih3rfohierf

    On call of duty black ops there is 15 presteiges and its around 900k EXP – 1Mill EXP now i dont have alot of time and im stopping at 3rd presteige on black ops. now if i want to earn EXP legitly i play demolotion and get around 8k-10k exp a game but doing the boosting i can get around 200k-300k EXP every hour. now i know maybe someone will reply to this saying i suck but im in a clan and im ranked number 1. i played mw2 legitly and im 10th presteige 70 on it and on cod4 im 10th presteige 55. now this black ops games require to much EXP compared to the other cod games and i hate seeing people already 3rd presteige-15th presteige in the games i join when im 1st presteige it just really pisses me off and i want to be on the same level as my fellow peers playing the game and not look like a "noob".

    • darthdracu

      Too much EXP? Black Ops only goes to level 50 as compared to level 70 on MW2. So i think it'll be be quicker to reach 15th prestige

    • mmitch4m

      to much xp lol. with in 8-14 days of play time. your through the 15 prestiges.

  • digimichan

    Nah no thanks. Will play for fun but none of that crap—it was better for MW2 but black ops? Nahhh.

  • PSN:Vk209

    Well its now 16/11/2010 and already the leaderboards are full of high ranking boosters. Treyarch really need to pay attention or wind up looking like infinity ward. ppl are still using the tact incertion as a means to boost and even tho it does not directly affect me, it sucks fucking balls!

  • A_beast_of_all

    who needs boosting when you average a K/D of 5 or higher. I dont, on every CoD ive played i awlays get about 25 kills and 5 deaths per match i play and i only play TDM. Take that boostin' noobs, ten custom classes wouldnt save u from me.

    • VIc_Rey

      lol Thats funny hahahahahaha

  • Bob

    I never boosted in MW2, but I was always curious of how much a person who boosted in free for all actually got..? it seems like it would still take awhile for you to level up, so I never got into boosting, and I didn't care for the camo either.

  • Joey

    First of all I’ve never ever boosted in any cod and I don’t plan to.

    I found any prestige 10 level 70 from MW2 were rubbish and very easy to kill. I put this down to instead of learning how to play the game they spend their time boosting. Don’t do it guys, become better players by playing the game the right way.

  • boost

    LOL at all the people who say that boosters have no "guts" or are "sad". Its just a freaking game! Whats really sad is people basing their own self worth or righteousness off of how they play a video game. Being good at a video game does not make you a better person! I'll be boosting for the sole purpose of getting 10 custom classes. Dont care about challenges or achievements or trophy's, I just wanna play the game and be able to set up more custom classes.

    • D.Vader

      Being good at a game without boosting represents good sportsmanship and integrity. God forbid people want a little integrity this day and age. 😛

  • b8con

    I don't boost, why boost when you have confidence in your gameplay?
    i have 8 legit nukes and working on my last 2. I believe it's just some skills to get your first 7 kills and then the rest is luck.


    for all of those people that say they didn't boost they are most likely lying.
    i boosted and im pretty sure you've gotten a few "free kills" off f generous friends.

  • Dudethatcamps

    i boosted for camo thats it but most likely i wont.

  • Sullyy

    I didnt boost on mw2, I did the prestige hack, and found the game boring after a while, will not be boosting or glitching again!

  • Melsporty7

    Woops didn't understand what did mean "boost" – thought it was choosing to continue another Prestige stage after level 70 over and over again. So no I didn't boost my rank in MW2 & won't do it in Black Ops that's just stupid – you're not awarded for what you did, it's just called Cheating. And those who cheat don't have guts.

  • I boosted in MW2 by utilizing a friends 10th prestige lobby. This was mostly because higher level players had a clear and distinct advantage over lower level players. Having gone through three of the prestige’s legit, every time I started over I was basicly less of a player due to gun and perk loadouts that my score would suffer until I hit the mid to mid-high levels.

    The default class slots are not enough for my play style so unlocking the rest of them with no effort was pretty awesome and made the game more enjoyable for me. It was a personal choice, and one I do not regret, my goal when playing a game is not to complete challenges, its to be the most effective member of my team in a firefight situation.

    Having played black ops for the last month or so as a game reviewer, I can honestly say that Treyarch did a good job with balance, and the incentive for me to “boost” is not carried over from Modern Warfare 2.

    I will not be boosting Black Ops

    • D.Vader

      "Treyarch did a good job with balance"

      I suppose the entire COD series is seriously flawed in the balance department. DICE knows balance.

  • Mike

    I boosted a little but I’m sure not boost in black ops that’s just pointless cus I mean why would u want to pay 60-70 bucks on a game and just cheat?

  • Melsporty7

    This time, they could have at least changed this idea of starting from scratch – with nothing at the beginning of each stage. We work our ass off to unlock everything and then we have to start again and for what ? New emblems ? Other few challenges ? I boosted on Modern Warfare 2 but it was too repetitive and boring, so no I won't do that again for Black Ops.

  • Trevor Ryan

    Anyone who boosts is sad.

  • Ali

    wtf presige playlist? Source?


    boosting is for suckers and 7 yr old kids that can't get a nuke.