COD Black Ops: Better on Xbox 360 than PS3, PC?

By Alan Ng - Nov 5, 2010

We have some interesting news to bring you now, as it has been reported that Microsoft’s Xbox director of entertainment and marketing Stephen McGill has stated directly that the best version of Call of Duty: Black Ops, will be the Xbox 360 version.

We know that Sony would obviously think the same about the PS3 version, but it’s strange for either company to come out publicly and actually have the nerve to say it. When speaking in a recent interview with MCV, here is what he had to say:

“Obviously everyone knows the best place to play Black Ops is on Xbox 360. But there are so many great games still to come out. For Q4 there hasn’t been a better line-up for years.”

Obviously? Maybe that is because Microsoft has already secured exclusive DLC for the game and even had a closed beta exclusive for the Xbox 360, while PS3 owners sat back and watched.

But what would make the Xbox 360 version better than the PS3 version? It’s a pretty bold statement, let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • XzeFreemaN

    BASED ON MY OWN OPINION! I Choose Pc version, and yes i do have Xbox version, and tried out Ps3 version Over a freind!
    Why choose PC, over consoles?
    (Quality Defenition)
    : PC have more advantages than consoles! If your talking about the HD quality? it has it all, You can Modify to the very MAX that your Display device can handle, and can Excess Ps3's Sound system! by choosing your proper sound driver installed in your PC!
    And yes its more easier when it comes to aim precision on gameplay! You have more faster and more freedom looking and aiming at the enemys, And it also makes it a little challenging for new peoples coz i does'nt support aim assist like consoles do.
    For people who agree with the "in XBOX, iTs alot easier to mute players" (note: dont mock till you try it) YOU CAN SIMPLY MUTE THE INGAME VOICE AT SETTINGS ALL AT ONCE!
    Yes! about the Multiplayer, People are more fast paced, More interactive, and trigger happy.
    Its so fast paced than ever, You should Pay attention to your sorroundings. coz ones they got you on sight, They will shoot and aim at you at the same time for a fraction of a second!
    and harcore mode seems alot fun and easier at PC! (note: dont attempt to play with a console joypad in multiplayer, you'll just get pwned) and yes! your ping are 50% lower than cosoles. and about Zombie mode, Its pretty much same with all my explaination above
    At this rate of its age, Its still pretty buggy! and laggy on dual cores.
    And i agree about the hackers problem :/ i guess thats consoles thing that Owns the PC!

  • Bob McBobby

    I have the best of both worlds. I own a PC and a PS3. Anything good on Xbox gets to PC one way or another. PC and PS3 for the win.

    Xbox for faegs who cannot buy a PC.

    • ???

      pc is for nerds with no life who waste hundreds of dollars on graphic cards

  • UR HElp

    Hey Guys,
    altough many of u have the right idea, it really boils down to one thing. I have both 360 and ps3 so i will say that i am not being biased. I previously rented black ops for 360 and played it for a week, it was pretty good. Then i went over to my cousins house and i played it on the ps3. EXACTLY THE SAME, NO DIFFERENCE. FOR AL OF U WHO TALK ABOUT GRAPHICS. I HAVE PLAYED THE CAMPAIGN BUT MOSTLY PLAY ONLINE, SO LIKE, WHO CARES IF THE GRAPHICS ARE JUST A BIT BETTER. I KNOW I DONT HAVE THE TIME TO LOOK OR ELSE ILL BE SHOT DOWN. I rented becuase i wanted too see which system i should buy for, it totally depends on preference and VERY IMPORTANTLY: WHICH SYSTEM U HAVE. I will not say which system i got black ops for but i hope this comment helped u guys.

  • kristian

    I switched to Xbox360 because i found when multiple consoles are running in one houshold, Xbox runs much smoother. When i was on PS3 wired to router and my lad wired on Xbox, the PS3 lagged. My younger son is on PS3 wifi so if I go wifi me and my younger lad get bit of lag. Two Xbox both wired run great together and one PS3 on wifi is ok too. My wife is also happy now as my kd as gone up loads and my swearing gone down. Hope this helps someone

  • conrad

    i think to really know what system is better for black ops we would have to ask…… what system thoes the developer use to play it? does any one know?

  • PastyMuffin

    The only differences with the ps3 version of black ops:

    You dont need to pay to play online

    The connection is a bit bad every now and then.

    You cant use two psn accounts to play online, however, guests are the same level as the psn account that they are playing with and then they also level up on their own.

    You all but eliminate the kid factor. Xbox 360 on MW2 it was a constant screaming coming through my TV speakers coming from kids that probably arent even old enough to masturbate.

    Most of the people that play CoD on ps3 are teenagers – young adults at the youngest. Which means a more mature experience.

    All in all, I honestly dont think the CONSOLE ITSELF, meaning the firmware, the way it runs, etc. makes a difference to your cod experience. it is the community that gives you the better or worse experience with consoles

  • PastyMuffin

    Theres only two things xbox 360 has that ps3 doesnt.

    Live that you have to pay for, and the red ring of death.

    OK, thats an exagguration, but you get my point. I am an owner of both consoles, regretably being a former xbox 360 fanboy allways trashing anything related to ps3 and sony.

    My xbox 360 red ringed 6 times. First got it repaired, fixed. worked for a month and a half, fixed, worked for 15 minutes, sat in a cabinet for 3 months. towel tricked, worked for 8 months, broke, towel tricked again, broke after two weeks.

    That is all in the course of the past year, as I bought it in september of 09..

  • Wicked_Roger

    I hope this call of duty is not a port of Xbox 360 on PS3, whereas last call of duty games have been even MW2. I hate it when developers just port the game onto other consoles. MW2 was better looking on Xbox 360 than PS3 trust me i have compared it. I own PS3 whereas my cousin owns Xbox 360 & i have compared few games on both consoles. Bioshock, Oblivion & Dragon Age: Origins, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 were better graphically better on PS3. As games like MW2, Dead Space, Bayonetta, GTA4, Fallout 3 were graphically better on Xbox 360, they were actually ports of Xbox 360 version on PS3, rather than being built for system.
    I hope Treyarch won't port the Xbox 360 version onto PS3. The only game i own which is graphically equal on both consoles is BF:BC2.
    PC versions are always superior than the consoles trust me i have seen it. The games i have played on PC are MW2, BF:BC2, DA:Origins, Falllout 3, GTA4. I have played these over at my friend's house, as i don't own a powerful PC.

  • hi friend!

    fuck the world its all about viva pinata ha…..

  • Realist

    I take that back….. PS3=PC>360

  • Realist

    As several people before have said, it is all a matter of OPINION. I personally prefer the ps3 because it is more versatile and people tend to be more mature. However, I have Modern Warfare 1 and World at War on PC and I like the freedom to edit and control you have. I do not own a 360 but I have played MW2 quite a bit on it, as well as other games, and from what I can tell, there are far more kids and hackers online.
    In my OPINION. ps3>PC>360 <———–OPINION
    | | | | | | | | | | | |

  • jeg

    xbox is better why? because i did a side by side comparison the xbox 360 has better textures sound and frame rate where as the ps3 has slightly better light sourcing. I own both systems and have no bias towards any company theses are the facts plain and simple.

  • Dunster

    LAWLZ….. To the people saying that Live's servers are better/faster/more stable than that of the PS3 I have one question to ask. How terrible is your internet provider? I own both consoles and play them pretty much evenly and have never had problems with my PS3's connection. In fact I prefer the PSN over Live b/c I could care less about cross game voice chat and the other pretty much worthless services Live offers for a yearly fee.

  • stivo

    you guys are tools pc owns all due to the fact tha AA can go much higher and force it.
    also due to the fact that you can upgrade your gpu and also to the fact that i have tested on ps3 pc and xbox are very close to each other and games vary but tend to look better in most cases on the xbox for me but u also have to keep in mind live where u pay to use service therefore you get a bit better in the online department but fuck payin money every month so the winner for me pcccccccccccccccccccccccccc

  • zenguest

    If only I could play on the PC against people playing 360 or PS3. I realize this is a dream that will likely never come true because those of us playing online FPS since Quake2 and dialup would simply mop the floor with console kiddies. I've tried playing FPS games on PS3 (wich I own) and 360 (which I don't) and I can't understand how the gameplay and controls can be appealing to anyone. If you can afford a $2-3K gaming rig with a nice 30" LCD, SLi, a quality mouse and gaming keyboard, you'd be playing that too.

  • Guestflaghie

    actually pc has better graphics than all of these consoles you guys are talking about. it's just 3x more expensive for the right hardware.

  • caLoy

    ipad is better! lol!

    • ron

      funniest comment in this whole forum

  • Ravanor

    I know this is going to be hard for you to do but I would recommend going to a friends house and giving xbox live a whirl. I think you may be surprised.

    You are playing for free but you are missing out on a lot to say the least. Your missing out on having a lot more fun in your gaming.

  • dickweed

    This whole comment list is useless.. if YOU have good info, please explain to the consumer who OWNS both systems why the game might be better on ps3 or xbox.. and COD4 looked way cleaner on PS3 btw, and yes I owned it for BOTH systems.. NO the players on PS3 were not as good.. and YES the connection felt the same.. f*uck you gay fan boys.. no one cares how much you love either or system.

  • Simon

    Would be nice if Xbox's newest patch for that stupid Kinect crap hadn't broken my Xbox, my friend's Xbox and my cousin's Xbox.

    I would have bought the Xbox version…but now I don't have a console to play it on. So rather than wait 2-3 months to play this while Microsoft fixes our machines, we'll probably just get the PS3 version.

    And I can play it online for free? Microsoft has made it really really easy for me to switch to using my PS3 for a change.

  • Gabriel

    i own both consoles there the same!!!! the xbox servers dont lag as much as ps3 but half of the community is hacker, Im getting it on ps3 caus theres less kids and its free who care about the dlc xbox can have it first so people can rate them and ps3 owners can see if there worth it or not. so ps3= more lag but less hackers and kids, its free xbox= better connection more hackers and kids, dlc first though

  • Patrick

    Look i have a ps3 and a pc. I am gonna get it on ps3 cuz i like to play with a controler but in my view the pc will always win. the ps3 and x box 360 are basically the same. the pc isnt. the pc has better graphics hands down. and most of the time fps r better on pc any way.

  • I own both the graphics are the same but Xbox has the better connection ps3 lags out all the time.I agree that the dlc came out earlier on modern warfare 2 when i had aps3 and everyone complained about it.As for the kids go they talk shit on both systems thats why theres a mute button.

  • Z3R05150

    @RollerCoaster47 You are an Idiot Sir. Call of Duty: Black Ops Isnt Created by Infinity Ward..Infinity Ward is done/Finished. They Are now Recognized by their New Title as "Re spawn Entertainment" coming with Modern Warfare 3 Confirmed for Late 2011. But on this Subject I can See Microsoft sealing the Deal With Trey Arch for some Exclusive Content Weeks Before Sony would Receive it;That's what happened with MW2. But to be honest im not too Psyched for Black Ops. It has its Pros and Cons But i would hate to list them and Ruin All the Excitement for you Gamers Looking forward to this Article. Enjoy

  • Kain

    360 has more players online for COD than PS3 and PC combined., FACT. 360 controller is designed better for a FPS, FACT. PC if your not poor has better GFX , CPU power and gameplay than any console, FACT.

    If you want to play online and have a good time, your best bet is 360 and no one can deny it. I own all 3 main consoles and 2 PC's and one is very high end and based on COD:MW2 its 360 ftw.

    When it comes to single player PC ftw , Fallout 3 new vegas for an example

  • GamerBird

    Both consoles have the same specs. Triple cored with intergrated graphics. One Amd/Ati, The other Intel/ Nvidia. Both have ddr2 512 ram. 1 has a bluray player. I own both consoles and 4 gaming pc's. Nothing compares to a good pc for gaming. As for servers goes, you pay for what you get. Plus pc versions you get to edit and mod the games. The main killer to crapboxes and pos3 is heat, thats why the put in a little 80mm fan. For all you console fans: read the specs for the games before you buy. MOST all will not handle your consoles. Oh well life goes on. Happy Gaming


    Anyone that thinks the console version of ANY FPS is better due to an earlier release of DLC is blind and hasn't had the pleasure of using a quality keyboard and mouse on a high end gaming PC. GO BIG OR GO HOME. Where are my PC elitists? Sally forth!!

    • Dee

      mainly preference lol, i have a good pc that i can play any game on, my keyboard and mouse are junk, friends got an alright computer but a high end gaming headset, mouse and keyboard, yet he contemplates on getn cod on his 360 or his PC due to him knowing that with PC its not really fair compared to others, he has that high end gaming equipment, i dont and thats why he sed he wasnt sure to get it on PC since its not fair on people who cant afford those stuff, whilst on xbox everything is even. I have a ps3 though, chose it for looks and the blu ray sht, nevr planned on playing online so was nevr a problem but when i did i will admit Live is way betr then ps3 online. Yet, in the end…I DONT REALLY CARE WHAT CONSOLE LOL, AS LONG AS THERES PEOPLE TO PLAY WITH, KIDS, PEDOS WHO GIVES A FCK WERE ALL SHOOTING EACH OTHER ANYWAYZ. Ps reason why ppl say theres less angry 8yr olds on pc then xbox live is most likely becoz older people only have a pc for work and so they get black ops on that instead of wasting money on a console that they would nevr really touch evarh… like me == bought the ps3 now its just a dvd player. Looks good though =) all black and shiny… with a hint of dust on it… just sitting there. Yup… just sitting there… WHY WONT THEY MAKE FORZA 3 ON PS3, YULLA SHT BLACK BOX == MY LIFE IS ALL ABOUT CARS!!!

  • Stevejob'smom

    Im the best!

  • Animal

    What a bunch of whiners… lets set the record straight, I've got PS3, 360, and a top end gaming PC and personally I prefer playing games on 360. Graphically the PC outperforms the consoles hands down, but not many people can afford top end spec so most people I know play via consoles. Ps£ and 360 graphically perform similarly in terms of actual realeases, though PS3 has slighlty more under the hood. The whole live experience is what really sets 360 apart from PS3 though such as the ability for group friends chat, and the more consistent connection quality. My PS3 is now just a gloriously overpriced blu-ray player and is by far the least used of the three. As for Black Ops being better; I would expect the live experience coupled with the likelihood that 360 will get timed downloadable exclusives genuinely could make the game more enjoyable on 360.

    • Ravanor

      Very well said, I have the same debate myself. I have all three but my pc is very high end as a gaming rig. But, I do enjoy sitting in the couch with a controller in front of a big screen. The xbox live network is very good and has a lot of features. I am debating getting the xbox or pc version and have never considered the ps3 version only because the psn network is not as good as a dedicated server or xbox live for a heavily based multiplayer game. I am leaning toward the xbox live version not because of graphics but for comfort of playing and no hassle multiplayer connections. Great debate btw.

  • andre

    I have all 3.. 360 ps3 and a gaming pc and preferably choose the 360 to my COD games ..with that said there are other games i choose to play on the other systems ..its all about having choices they all are good at playing something

  • Sladoledar

    who cares if PS3 gets laiter DLC…. so or so killzone 3 income februar……

  • andre

    The fact there is this debate tells me it is a point of contention, they are both so good and similar there is no clear leader or discernible difference between the two.

  • Pengo

    Who gives a shit?

    People with 360s will say that’s the best

    people with PS3s will say that’s the best

    people with PCs will say that’s the best

    you decide…

    • Dan

      yes this may be true but honestly i own a pc thats more than capable of playing games, an xbox 360 and my best friend has a ps3 and xbox 360 we both prefer the 360 over anything else.. so its all a preference not what you own

  • Guest101

    PS3 is not better than Xbox360. Xbox360 is not better than PS3. PC may or may not be better than the PS3 or Xbox360. The reason people think that is because, the people either only have the PS3 or the Xbox360. Or they do not own a PS3 or an Xbox360 but only a PC. More people choose to buy the Xbox360 is because its cheaper, more people play online, the DLC's come out earlier, etc. But the PS3 and PC have higher resolution cut scenes and have HD quality sound. Since more people buy the Xbox360, there are lesser children that scream into their mics when they die playing CoD or something, on the PS3 and PC. More mature adults and children play the PC and PS3, so not much worry about noisy little children. No console is the best actually, it all depends on your opinion. I personally own a PS3 and PC, but often go to my friend's house to play Xbox360. I don't find any of them to be the best, they are all very good consoles. This is my opinion, and it all depends on your opinion.

    • Spencer

      thank the lord someone who has a brain in there head it's all a matter of opinion

    • Avengedfrk

      well said. that is soooo true. this is the best post ive ever read about this topic on what console is better

    • ajscottjr

      A headset with a mic just about comes with ever Xbox, that is why u have more people screaming, then on the other 2 platforms. Personally i feel that online gaming is better on the 360 becuase of the headsets, and better user interface.

  • Luke

    Seriously? That guy from Microsoft is an embarrassment. I own both consoles and you cannot say one is better than the other just because the DLC is released a few days earlier.

  • Fahad

    I don’t give a shit which ones better I just want to play the game !!!

    • Dr. Richtofen

      well said

  • Neil "Zombie Killer"

    I am pissed about the DLC coming later to PSN Microsoft buys their way into fucking everything, I want these DLC because they WILL have more zombie maps , but instead I will have to wait an extra month by which time I probably will nnot want to purchase them -.- Oh and Activision are just money whores so screw them 🙂

  • TmHighHowHigh

    Now i played games on all consoles but what impressed me most is the PC all time all day it owns all consoles "except WII"just kiddin. So to get this straight if you have a nice gaming rig it would have better fps that means smoother gaming you can mod even the graphics can become better with all of the NVIDIAS and READONS newst graphics Intels I7 now the consoles dont stand a chance do they? The game only runs on CONSOLES but its created on pc now how's that? THE PC CREATES ALL THE BEAUTIFUL TEXTURES MOVMENTS GRAPHICS !!

    • Plimples

      Yeah, maybe I'll go mow a couple lawns and daddy will hook me up with $1600 to blow on a gaming PC 🙂 Dork.

      • shade

        people actually work for there money to buy PC dumb shit not everybody asks money from their "daddy"

  • guest444

    I own both consoles and have MW2 for both. They are EXACTLY the same! The only differences is you pay money for LIVE. However there is a downside for PSN – Sony lacks the support and does not try as hard as Microsoft for there online experience.

  • Ev_

    @Dawn, you are an absolute idiot. Please shut the f*ck up…

  • Luck

    Lol, wow how stup!d can people be. Thanks to PC gamers T.V's have finally can display resolutions that PC gamers have been using for years. Let me know if you have a 2560×1600 resolution T.V please. Calling PC gamers poor? lol. One of my GPU's cost $380 more than your xbox plus a year of live. Remember that's only one part and don't worry I have a xbox and a PS3…. PC>PS3&xbox

    • Neil "Zombie Killer"

      PC is deffinately better but atm I can't afford one and I am not that great on PC anyway. So I shall just stick to my PS3 🙂 As for dawn you are a complete retard.

  • pc ftw

    what a crock of *h*t pc servers are free because they have dedicated servers u ^^^^^^^ r soul meaning we run em and yh we can have anything up to 30 players aside can u no so shut o and we can have s&d matches with anything up to 100 rounds can u no so what u are paying for is to be told what map u are going to play and get ripped of and as the xbox and ps3 goes well that's another story the xbox hardware first ok it has a (intel power based cpu running at 3.6×3 20mb of vram and a 500 mhz gpu hahahhahah how pathetic and a hd dvd 32x and no fans to stop the peice of crap overheating right know to the ps3 ( the ps3 has a intel power based pc cpu 3.6 7xspe this is not 7 cores its one but youses the cpu as many difrent thing. and 15mb of vram witch is crap to be honest it has a 450mhz gpu again um crap and a blue ray player 64x speed and again no fans to stop it red lighting ok now my pc a i7 920 running@2.66 two ati hd 5870 in crossfire and 6 gb of ddr3@1600mhz and two 1tb sata hard-drives running in raid mode so is pc better hell yh

    • mike

      hahahahahahaha xbox is fun, playing it with mates is great. pc just seems so bloody nerdy….. value for money xbox over pc. Disregarding DLC/extra cost on most games for the xbox

      • Naptizzle

        Pc may seem nerdy but its clearly better than xbox and ps3. They are much more power and also if you are talkin about value for money you can download any game and play for free and just pay for the games that you want to play online where xbox needs to be modded in order to play any sort of burned game. And if you spend the money for a good pc then while xbox and ps3 make new systems to play the newer games that same beastly pc that was built afew years ago most likely wont need to be upgraded with more than a video card so while your paying another 400 bucks for the new system plus games pc users only have to purchase the game.

  • xbox wins

    you are all ridiculously stupid, ps3=bad connections and pc=shitty servers xbox=strong competitive gameplay, xbox always wins

    • Monitorjak

      I have a pc, 360 and ps3
      never played cod on pc, but i clearly like ps3 better even though xbox has good games (halo, fable, ect.)
      and i dont have bad connection on ps3, i almost always go immediately into a game after getting online

  • Dean

    Any one who thinks Xbox is better that PS3 clear only owns an Xbox, and any one who think consols are better than PC can't afford a good PC. There are more people on Xbox cause it costs less money (to start with). So it all boils down to a few facts? What system do you own? If having an extra 20 000 or so people on line and paying for online gaming suits your fancy then go Xbox (ohh and DLC sooner, but lets not forget your kinda paying for the extras). But if you want 1080p cut seens and full HD sound then Ps3 and PC are your only choice. As well PS3 and PC tend to have less children playing them so, that is a plus.

    • UrAFailure

      Fail 1: PS3 and 360 have same resolution…yup 1080p. Fail 2: PS3 has just as many children playing as 360. The difference is the PS3 has no filters so not only do you have an 8yr talking smack but his name also happens to be "IhateNi**ers". On 360 at least you have more options to mute, not play with again, and options to report these players to be banned from the network. Fail 3: your elitest attitude towards nerdy things like game systems and your obvious bias of the 360. There's a reason why there are 6+ million people on Live and PS3/PC titles are being ported more and more to the 360….Because its cheap? Nope.

      • PhuKYoo

        failure, u sound like a bitter person. go get a massage or smoke a doobie. people are on xbox360 cuz people are suckers. ive gone through 5 different 360's. arcade, elite, original…. so on. and throughout the same time ive had 1 ps3. no crashing, no rrod, no douchebag player ratings( ohhh cryyy, he said shit while i was playing halo, BAN HIM!). when people start growing pubic hair, they can come to ps3. long lasting, dependable, blue ray, full internet browser(porn is great), when microsoft makes a dependable system i will buy one. until then ill stick with sony. P.S. say whatever you want in response to this, i dont care, im prob never gonna even look at this website again. i just wanted you to know you are bitter and never get laid. P.P.S. u prob r gonna say u have a wife or girlfriend…. which makes you a fucking liar

      • IRIDIUM

        wrong. 360 resolution is 720p which is upscaled when connected to a 1080p display device. Know the facts before you blabber.

  • Akimbo blades

    No way, on PC you can max out the resolution alot higher than you can on XBox or PS3. We also have dedicated servers, modding tools to make our own zombie and multiplayer maps, and a dev menu to add a little more excitement to the game. Also once COD 8 comes out they most likely will shut down the network that’s running the multiplayer on PS3 and XBox, (liability to keep it running if no one is going to be on) while us PC gamers will be able to play for decades to come. PC > PS3 > XBox. To make one final comment only adults and older groups of people play on PC, so we don’t have those little annoying kids who scream into their mics.

    • jack

      i love it when it takes 1 of us pc gamers to totally dominate any console debate, there really isn't any other thing to say here than pc will be better, alway….

    • elr

      Lol I still play Cod 3 on Xbox and the servers aren't shut down 🙂

    • SyMaN

      God I wish those squealy little kids wern't on the 360!!


      You said it to a T! 360 = 720p rendering which, when piped into a 1080p HDTV, the image is upscaled and detail is lost. Jagged and blurred edges make the game look very washed out. And that's the least of the problems. Playing a FPS with a couple of thumb sticks is just stupid. Before you can even sight in on a PC player, your head is blown off. It doesn't matter how fast you think your thumbs are, a mouse is far quicker and more accurate, especially when you figure in a Razer or Logitech G gaming mouse. If the kiddies knew how to build gaming PC's instead of taking the easy way out by buying a silly knockoff (read: console), then gaming today would probably be more advanced. I'll never forgot the old days. Long live PC gaming!

  • Sam

    Plus the hackers have finally ruined the last Treyatch COD game. These hackers are such ****. I got the early version of Halo Reach in Norway and the way the hackers could play undetected was by changing xbox tags. The way the hackers can get caught is just putting the whole thing to play on Xbox Live and whoever tries playing Camapign, Multiplayer and Extra missions then they will be banned. Thats the way to do it.

  • GuyBlo

    PC…..hands down, control-wise. Playing on either console feels like being the most cooridinated drunk guy on the server, atleast when it comes to control and speed… granted your quality of pc and ping do make a difference. I'm biased though. Since golden eye, Iv'e mostly played FPSs on pc (besides Halo).

  • Sam

    Well I have to say the truth, but Xbox360 has better graphics, thats why you pay $50 a year for it. PS3 graphics are 60% good because you don't need to pay for whatever its called: PS3 Live? The reason Xbox360 will be better played is that maybe they have something that other consoles don't have. I couldn't believe they would have Zombies for the Wii, I mean the Wii holds less GB usually. Too bad no Zombies for PC. But Treyatch said that the PC can be modded and 1 more multiplayer mode will be available only for it. Its called Ghost Mode. In Ghost Mode the SOG are to elminate either invisible Russian forces or Vietcong. Everytime the invisible forces move they can be seen and standing still will make you invisible. The invisible players can only carry knives while the SOG carry guns. The SOG have to either kill all enemies or defuse a 30 second bomb. And this mode is only for PC.

    • GuyBlo

      Yup… you know what your talking about. You must be an electonic/software engineer. Way to point out fact…. not atl all speculation. Smart Guy!!!

      • Jonathan Hernandez

        You my friend are a fanboy and a idiot remeber when they say 3d of blackops will better on ps3 that graphics superior also xbox 360 will never never handle uncharted series graphics so shut up troll!

    • pelee

      Yea buddy ur a F**king retard , you don't know anything about videogames, the reason you pay 50 a year is because fan boys like you exist and bill gates knows that he can use dumb people like you to fatten his pockets.

    • robertm23

      dude wow pc has zombies how could you even make a mistake like that and ps3 and pc are way better than xbox!

    • Dee

      lool fanboy, get over your console, w.e console people already have, they would buy black ops on that and enjoy it, thats called normal every day people who just play the game for fun and have a life rather then debating which console runs the game better. PC or PS3 i wouldnt really care what i got it on, black ops is black ops. People like you tend to turn every single good game thats just released on the market to a debate about consoles instead of the game itself, thats why you get no where in life =)

  • sw1ngn3ck is better then me

    ps3 is better because it has gigabytes. and blu-ray and plays game and has a wireless controller and is more its better because ….

    • Black Hawk885

      That statement just made you sound dumb. Wtf does has gigabytes mean? Each console has a hard-drive also blu-ray does absolutely nothing towards games (besides you can fit a lot of information on the disc). Contrary to popular belief blu-ray does not make your movie superior. Instead of stretching the pixels it just resizes them and even that only works if you have an HD tv bigger than 32 inches. Also what does plays games and has a wireless controller mean? Every game console has the ability to play games (thats what there for) and xbox also has a wireless controller. Last, you said the PS3 was more expensive yet they are the same price. I own both a PS3 and an Xbox 360 and have to say i prefer Xbox. The Xbox generally has better graphics due to the fact that most developers develop on the Xbox so they do not use all the cores on the PS3. Games that are PS3 exclusives such as Uncharted: 2 have better graphics because they used all the cores. I like that PSN is free, although i prefer Xbox live performance wise i would much rather have a PSN. I am buying Black ops for Xbox though. ALSO XBOX USERS PLEASE NOTE THEY ARE RAISING THE PRICE OF XBOX LIVE WHICH IS A JOKE.

    • YourDumb :)

      Xbox 360 is better because it has rocket propelled lithium battery controller packs and a sleek coat of bubble gum flavored paint. So its better because…

  • ghjk

    I assume you are trolling. Or do you not realize that the disc drive doesn't control graphics?

  • ando

    More hard-core gamers are on the 360…but that doesn't mean the system is better for COD Black-ops. As for the DLC exclusive that MS has, If they want to pay boat loads of cash to have the DLC's a month before other systems…let em waist the $$$. MS is more concerned about having the DLC earlier than everyone than putting out a new system to replace the 360.

    • sev

      Good answer. Because we all pay for our Xbox live there are more serious players than Ps3 free network. You 'll probably be playing against 8 year olds

  • RollerCoaster47

    Well obviously for it to not be the same on both consoles there has to be something more than the game itself and chances are Microsoft once again secured a deal to get DLC early or exclusive like they did in MW2 or something along those lines. Gay Microsoft always sucking Infinity Ward's cock.

    • Kerploomy

      Infinity Ward didn't develop the game, Treyarch did. The DLC probably had more to do with Activision, the publisher, who has done their best to break up Infinity Ward and whore out the COD franchise just like they with Guitar Hero.

    • jowlick

      Black Ops isn't IW's product.

  • RollerCoaster47

    Well obviously for it to not be the same on both consoles there has to be something more than the game itself and chances are Microsoft once again secured a deal to get DLC early or exclusive like they did in MW2 or something along those lines. Gay Microsoft always sucking Infinity Ward's cock.

  • sigh

    of course he's going to say that, he's from microsoft!

    there are differences – no saving progress for the second player in split screen multiplayer on ps3, and get the map packs a bit sooner on 360.

    i got the ps3 version cos my friends are on psn. but really, there's no difference in reality – its not like you get more content or less glitches. and despite the 360 version being 'better' for mw2, the 360 version was hacked to bits, wheras i saw hardly any in my 200+ hours on the ps3!

    • Klupples

      WOW, I run into hackers all the time! Wall hacks, etc., are very common and the javelin, care package, elevator glitches were all there (same glitches as 360 version) before they were patched by Infinity Ward. Modern Warfare 1 was hacked 10x more on the PS3 than the 360, so I don't see how the 360 version of MOW2 would magically be hacked more than the PS3 version.

      Xbox 360 renders higher resolution textures, PSN is a lot laggier than Live, Live network is more advanced as far as party/video/private chat and a better quality of voice communication, DLC comes out first on Xbox 360, and finally two gold accounts in split screen ranking up a la Halo. The 360 version will be better than the PS3 version. I don't do much PC gaming so I can't comment on that. However, I saw the zombie patch for MOW1 and it looked pretty damn sweet!

  • This statement by MS is true. Xbox 360 Black Ops can play split screen online with 2 different gold accounts and they can both level up as if playing on two seperate consoles. While the PS3 can only play with 1 PSN and a guest account

    • trololol_no

      as if you have friends to play spilt screen with.

  • john

    yeah well on release date we have the option to turn on ps3 so what now?

  • p wrrw

    He's obviously refering to the exclusive deal to get dlc earlier than ps3 or pc, because graphically the 360 will be no where near as good as pc, so it could only be the dlc, no story here.

  • asdf

    Nah ps3 is blue-ray which is better graphics

    • Glen Coco

      youre mistaken actually. blue ray doesnt determine better graphics. blu ray is only the disc, its associated with better graphics because it can hold 70% more than HD-DVDs, the format xbox uses, but the thing is not all the space is even used up, so it doesnt matter…yet. xbox and ps3 each have unique systems, but xbox has been more developed because its been out longer and is usually the better selling console. Going off MW2 graphics, the xbox was actually superior, but Black Ops might be a different story. 60 days early DLC over ps3 and pc is nice. Xbox live costs money but is rated better. I am unbiased because I own both systems.

    • smudge

      That made no sense. Xbox 360 is a HD console.

      • hey hey

        you are dumb so is the ps3

    • Blue.xx.xx

      No u dumbass blu-ray is for movies only

      • Kevin

        blu-ray is a disc format its not limited to movies

    • hahahahha

      hahahahahaha you made me laugh hard!!! Graphics are better because of Blue-ray?? hahahahahaha let me laugh again.

    • chibiman

      blu ray also has a protective layer that make the disc last longer thean the typical xbox disc that gets scratched and stops working

    • UDontKnowMe

      Even a fool keeping silence is reckoned wise.

    • Bob

      PS3's Blu-day has little to do with it, its the processing power and RAM

      The processing power of the PS3 is superior to the Xbox's, but since the poor port of BO to PS3 is because Treyarch had allocated less RAM for the PS3 to use on Black Ops as Xbox was allocated, both systems have a total of 512mb of ram, where PS3 was ripped off being only allowed to use half of it.