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Call of Duty: Black Ops – Four New Wal-Mart Commericials

If your memory is as good as mine, you may remember two guys who did a series of Modern Warfare 2 pre-launch commercials for Wal-Mart. These same guys now appear in a new series of commercials for Black Ops.

The “Smacktalk Never Sleeps” series is part of four new commercials for Black Ops, and while we watched them we couldn’t help but laugh our socks off.

You can watch these videos below, but when you have done so, have you thought about what perks you will be using when CoD Black Ops hits the shelves? If you are not sure what perks are coming in Black Ops, or you already know what you will choose, be sure to head on over to our article and let us know.

Source: Call of Duty FAQ


  • Mike

    lmao! great vid! i can’t wait for this game! it's gonna be awesome!!! speaking of Black Ops… check this out, i actually found a legit site last night that’s giving away a couple copies!


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