Black Friday Prices Early – Is it a myth?

With three weeks to go until Black Friday 2010, news of early BF sales have already started on select websites – this has got us thinking. We all know how great these deals are on Black Friday, so how can they be that good before?

We have seen year-on-year that from November online retailers have these early Black Friday sales each weekend until the big day. Last year was a fine example of this, and these sales seem to be getting earlier and earlier– has this taken away the true meaning of Black Friday?

Having looked over some of the sales, although they do seem good, retailers have to have their reason for selling items off so cheap for an entire month. You cannot tell me that they are doing this for the consumer?

As we draw ever closer to Black Friday 2010 we will be keeping a close eye on these deals to see if the concept of early deals is in fact a myth? What deals are you looking for this year? Maybe this will be the perfect time to get a new 3D TV?



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