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Xbox 360 Kinect: Price to pay for late pre-orders

If you’re a gamer and have an Xbox 360 then you would know what Kinect is, and you may have already pre-ordered the high-tech controller for your 360, but when did you do that? Some people that procrastinated might be paying the price for ordering late.

There will always be critics and they will be right about some of the problems Kinect has, but this motion controller will set a new benchmark for active gaming, one that is not perfect but a great step in the right direction.

Being the owner of both the PS3 and Xbox 360 – its good to own both motion controllers – this gives us a perspective that’s not one based on “what other people say”. Both systems will do things better than the other, but when it comes to pre-orders for the PS3 and 360, there will be pros and cons.

The Kinect will release today in the U.S. and in 6 days time for Europe, some people will try their luck at stores, while others would have pre-ordered. If you ordered from you may have had an email stating that your order might not be shipped at release thanks to high demand, and may be the same for other stores too. Did you get such an email?

Every store will prioritize differently, but first come first serve seems to be a common approach. I’ve always thought it was mad to pre-order months in advance when release dates can change – GT5 is one story – but those that pre-ordered Kinect within the last month may live to regret it when they see friends getting the device before them.

Are you paying a price for a late Kinect pre-order? Tell us your story, and if you’re buying Kinect, how are you doing it.


  • I ordered my connect on the 31st of October which was only a couple days ago and my Kinect has been shipped as we speak I will be receiving it Today/Tomorrow. I think the reason I have not had an issue is because I ordered the Xbox 360 + Kinect Bundle and they have certain Kinects set aside for the single sale and certain ones for the bundle. I don't think many people bought the bundle because there are tons of the previous generation people that are holding out.


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