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Windows Phone 7 (WP7): Free Apps From LG

Following the launch of windows Phone 7 OS, the various handsets on the platform share some of the same features. Devices hitting the market in 2010 have the same display resolution and processor, so applications are going to be the biggest difference for consumers.

Thomas Ricker of Engadget is reporting that Microsoft and LG have joined forces to offer customers an ever changing range of free applications. The so-called ‘quality’ apps for the LG Windows Phone 7 devices will be offered every sixty days in blocks of ten, and have a value of more than $30.

They will be available via the LG Application Store and works out at sixty applications per year, and are addition to the free apps that are already developed exclusively for the LG Windows Phone 7 handsets. Head over to Engadget to see the first ten free applications.



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