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Verizon iPhone 5: Qualcomm’s lock on CDMA market

Back in September we reported that Qualcomm could make the chips that will go into the Verizon iPhone 4 / 5, and this news looks to have pleased investors. That’s according to Scott Moritz from The Street. Moritz also states that using Qualcomm’s key components will allow them to lock the CDMA market.

There are not many phone manufactures set up to handle the task of building the iPhone; FoxConn currently make the GSM version, so Verizon needed someone different. The news that Qualcomm could be making the Verizon version of the iPhone has certainly made them a more attractive investment to investors.

We have to remember that this is all speculation at the moment. We know that the evidence is mounting up that there will be Verizon iPhone in January; we have yet to receive an announcement from the carrier, and more importantly Apple.

If we are to believe that Qualcomm is to start making the CDMA version of the iPhone 4 / 5, then what better way to please consumers than making a white version? If this were to happen, then investors could also see this as a good sign.


  • Tom Jones

    Qualcomm has a lock on the CDMA that is used in North America, because it owns the patents. Duh.

  • RMW

    "Verizon iPhone 5: Qualcomm’s lock on CDMA market" – I hope Qualcomm has other tech in its pocket because having a lock on tech that is dead in 2-5 years is not that great of a deal.


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