Verizon iPhone 4 Rumors Increase – Should it mean something?

By Peter Chubb - Nov 4, 2010

Since Apple launched the first iPhone back in 2007, Verizon users and now AT&T customers have been wondering when will there be a CDMA version? Over the years there have been many rumors, but over the past 7 days these rumors have intensified. Most recently being the fact that an iPhone 4 announcement from Big Red is could happen on November 9th.

We have to wonder if all the rumors do actually mean something. If we were to go back a year, most of these rumors were from unreliable sources, now we have been getting details from the likes of Forbes, WSJ, NY Times amongst others.

One cannot help getting excited over the possibility of an iPhone on Verizon, but there are fears that the carrier’s network will not be able to handle the data load – something that has been a constant issue for AT&T. Foxconn currently make the iPhone, but the CDMA version will have to be manufactured by someone else, the most likely is Qualcomm.

Those of you on Verizon with a contract about to come up for renewal will now have a tough decision to make; do you upgrade to a new Android or BlackBerry – or wait to see if the iPhone is coming?

How much truth do you think there is in these latest rumors?

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  • NighttimeMink

    I heard rumors (cross your fingers) that if the iPhone is released into the Verizon Network that there will be a 4G antenna on the iPhone so it will be 4G ready.

  • dakesner

    In the Detroit Free Press today, there was a blurb about Verizon introducing the 4G network in test markets around the country. Several areas in the Detroit metropolitan area will get the service right away, but the City of Detroit will have to wait till early 2011.

    Can the iPhone be far behind? I believe Verizon will hold up the iPhone until the 4G network is up and running.