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Verizon iPhone 4: Rumored Announce Date – November 9th?

We have some fresh details just in now, and it’s a bit of a bombshell as we’re hearing that Verizon is planning to announce the Apple iPhone next Monday, on November 8th. We have an image to show you which could back up these claims.

According to this Ripten report, Verizon is now sending out corporate emails, stating that a mystery ‘iconic device’ will be announced next Monday. There are no actual mentions of the iPhone in the email, but Verizon repeatedly label the handset as an ‘iconic device’.

Here is a portion of text from the email flyer: ”An iconic device is a device that is projected to be in high demand once officially announced on November 9th 2010”.

As far as we’re aware, this is the first time that Verizon has acted in this way, as their previous corporate emails just go ahead and name the selected device anyway, why have they made the effort to label this particular device ‘iconic’, over six times in one email?

And before you ask, this is probably not the Samsung Continuum, as that is meant to be due for announcement on Sunday, one day earlier. Take a look at the email scan below and let us know your thoughts on this – do you have any ideas?


  • JD2

    my itunes says it is going to check for a ios update on november 8th…..hmmmm maybe the ios4.2 is finally coming out and that would make sense since i heard apple was waiting to release 4.2 so the verizon phone could have 4.2 also…….

  • Scott

    Droid gets announced the 9th I read. But Verizon wouldn't call the Droid an iconic device… Maybe Apple is announcing it at the same time as the Droid so it will stop potential iPhone buyers from getting the Droid instead… Plus since Verizon iPhone hasn't officially been confirmed by Steve or Verizon, makes sense to call it an "Iconic Device" instead, since they probably don't want info leaking early to all employees of Verizon to know the iphone will be getting announced.


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