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Verizon iPhone 4: Can Verizon’s Network Handle it?

We have an interesting article for you to read now, one which highlights potential problems which may arise for Verizon if a large amount of consumers switch to their network for the iPhone next year.

The article comes to you courtesy of NYTimes, who have asked the question ‘ Will the Verizon iPhone Cripple Verizon ‘? They have given their own opinions on this question, while also getting feedback from various analysts as well.

It is a pretty good question that they have asked, since it is almost certain that Verizon are going to gain thousands, if not millions of more customers once they finally announce the iPhone. It is common knowledge that most consumers think very highly of Verizon’s network and service, and it is fair to say that a lot of consumers are prepared to ditch their current contract straight away to move to Verizon.

If this happens though, will it put a strain on Verizon’s network? Will they still be able to provide a balanced and speedy service with a significant increase in their subscriber base numbers? Have a read through the article over at NYTimes and let us know your opinions on this.



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