Toyota IQ And Passo Recall: Simple Software Fix

Another day, another Toyota recall, as the Japanese automaker has announced that 136,000 iQ and Passo cars are to be recalled. 65,000 models are to be recalled in Japan and 70,800 in Europe. Models affected are those built from 2008 to 2010.

The reason behind this latest problem is due to a sensor on the power steering, with AFP reporting that they could fail if the car drives over humps. If this were to happen, then steering would become much heavier. Thankfully there have not been any reports of accidents.

Toyota said that this is a simple fix, and would just require an update to the software. The last Toyota recall was just last month, which also covered a number of Lexus models; 1.5 million vehicles were affected in that recall.

We still do not understand how Toyota proved one of the most reliable cars in 2010; we have to wonder why more than 10 million recalls has not had an affect on this result?

Are you starting to lose confidence in Toyota?



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