Skyfire for iPhone: Download ‘Sold Out’ – Did you get yours?

By Alan Ng - Nov 4, 2010

We have some disappointing news for iPhone 4 owners now, as although the highly anticipated application for the Skyfire web browser went live on the App Store a few hours ago, we can now confirm that it has already been yanked.

Strangely, the application appears to have ‘sold out’ – according to the creators of Skyfire, who have stated that the application has been temporarily removed due to the lack of licences for the browser, caused by popular demand.

The app only costs $2.99 to download and as the Skyfire team point out, it’s pretty popular due to Skyfire’s ability to bypass Apple’s Flash restrictions on the iPhone, allowing users to watch flash videos on their handsets – finally.

At least the app has been removed for technical reasons, and not Apple yanking it on purpose due to a power trip. Question is though – how many of you were lucky enough to download it before the app became unavailable?

If you already have Skyfire 2.0 running on your iPhone, let us know your thoughts on it so far.

Source – Engadget

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  • mike

    I have used skyfire for 3 years on two omnias and never had a problem now with the use by all the addition users it is no longer available to me

  • Pam

    Well, shucks. I thought it wasn't going to be released until today! I just hope that when they do release it again that the price is still $2.99 and they don't up the price to make a huge profit.

  • not11

    you can find cracked one now for jb user
    and it works great !!

  • RCZ

    I got it…but for the iPad but can't say the experience is great: not optimized for iPad so PQ is poor and the few sites I tried still wouldn't play the video. Or maybe it was because the servers just couldn't cope.

  • Ahmed Al-Saleh

    I get it before it Remove,
    The application is great i tried it and it works fine,
    But not all the web pages some of them wont work.

    We hope we can have it again with full flash support