Skyfire 2.0 for iPhone: Higher Grossing Than Angry Birds

By Jamie Pert - Nov 4, 2010

Two days ago we revealed that the Skyfire 2.0 web browser was coming to the App Store, apart from its great performance the main reason people were looking forward to this release was because of its ability to convert Flash videos to HTML5, which in-turn allows iOS devices to play them.

Now that it has arrived at the App Store it has overtaken Angry Birds as the top grossing app, in fact it is now sold out as Skyfire’s servers can’t keep up with the demand for all of the video conversion.

Obviously it is impossible for a mobile application to sell out, however Skyfire made the decision to pull it from the App Store until they increase their server capacity.

You have to admire Skyfire’s decision to pull the app, they could have quite easily left it on there for everyone to buy at $2.99, however instead opted to stop sales and concentrate on delivering great Flash conversion, rather than offer a poor service.

At this moment in time we have no idea as to when Skyfire 2.0 will become available again at the App Store, therefore we will have to keep you posted, one thing that is for sure is just how much iPhone users want to view Flash content.

Have you used Skyfire 2.0 on your iOS device? If so, did the Flash conversion work well for you?

Source: SlashGear

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  • Jose Luis

    Stupid Apple… clearly not reading what the market wants. Is the major difference with Google. Just imagine the Iphone was open, to use any OS, to manage your files without the need to use Itunes, free. That would be just awesome. I lost an Iphone 4 a month ago and I am really debating about replacing it for another or get a new nexus S. I hate some of the details of the iphone OS, and is not bug free, the copy-paste thing, the battery duration, the non-flash compatibility, the . I hate this Apple behavior that forces you to stay with them not caring it they really are not the best. Could you live without Google in your browsing?.. I don´t. And that is something apple can't seem to understand. A lot of guys jailbroked his phone to use the google apps, tethering, etc. and Apple continues to NOT understand us. Hope they are getting the message.

  • Until Skyfire returns, use iTransmogrify no download just a quick bookmark. For complete details and instructions see site below for supported services.

  • Dan in S. FLA

    In the last post it was said Skyfire would be released via The App Store 11/4/2010 – Thurs.,
    I went to the App Store (online) at 8:00 am EST – No results from my search – Are you sure you have your facts straights??

  • AleyhW

    "the main reason people were looking forward to this release was because of its ability to convert Flash videos to HTML5"

    Still lying, eh?

    It is NOT converting anything into HTML5. They are just using "HTML5" as a buzzword to dishonestly trick people into giving it attention, even though their network is so poor they couldn't even handle 200 iPhone users.

    Worst of all, they CHARGED for this crap.