Nissan Leaf Successors: Three New EVs, Infiniti Is One

By Peter Chubb - Nov 4, 2010

With deliveries of the Nissan Leaf to start in December, it comes as a surprise that the third largest Japanese automaker has announced three new successors to their EV range. They will be launched over the next four years, with one of being called the Infiniti.

According to DailyTech, this model will be smaller than the Leaf; so will be even more suited to city driving. The other two are a commercial van, and an urban car; no more details on these models have been given. This does show that Nissan is committed to its Electric Vehicles project.

The most interesting model has to be the Infiniti, you can see by the image above that it looks more like a futuristic golf buggy. From what we can see, the EV will have just one seat; so will be more like a quad with a roof. This is one EV that I would love to have a go in.

The EV market is expected to grow at a faster rate in Asia and Europe than in the U.S., but this comes as no surprise. However, you have to admire how drivers in the U.S have now started to adopt smaller vehicles and started slowly moving away from huge gas guzzling vehicles.

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  • allanesl

    It seems that we, here in Western Canada, have decided that bigger is better.  Upon arriving from Asia 6 months ago, I have found an enormous amount of people driving giant pickup trucks, most of them 4-wheel-drives.  Why?  It appears that all the driving they do is city driving, carting their families back and forth.  From the condition of these trucks, they don’t appear to be doing any actual work with their trucks.  I have seen only 3 Smart cars here in a city of 80,000.  I see a few hybrids.  I cannot see any EV parking spaces or charging stations.  I wonder if my end of Canada will ever become aware of the anti-gas-guzzling trends.