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New Kinect Motion Controller and Open-Source Driver

The new Kinect motion controller for the Xbox 360 was made available for the public earlier today, but one company would like to make this an open-source, so is offering someone a $1,000 to develop a driver to make this possible. The idea of the device just on Microsoft’s games console does not sit well with Adafruit Industries.

We know that Kinect could eventually be adapted for the Windows platform, but is that really enough? There has to be a way where the full benefits of the motion capture device can be used on other products, we just do not know how at the moment.

Daniel Terdiman from Cnet has been explaining things in more detail, and it is agreed that people do not like the idea of the Xbox having all the fun with this technology. Microsoft was asked about this proposal, but surprisingly, they did not answer.

I am sure that it will not take long for someone to open-source a driver for Kinect, and when they do, expect to see the device used on stuff like robots and education products.

Do you think it will be long before someone will develop an open-source driver for Kinect?


  • low

    Its $2000 not $1000 do some research.


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