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New iPad iOS 4.2 Hands-on: First Impression

We have just learned that iOS 4.2 could be released in a few days time, but developers have already had a chance for some hands-on time with the latest mobile OS from Apple. Those looking forward to iOS 4.2 the most will be iPad users, as they will get a number of much-needed updates.

iSmashPhone has spent an hour with the new OS on their iPad playing with some of the most basic features , which is what most of us use on a day-to-day basis. The mini-review looks promising, performance seems to be increased, with multitasking now making things much easier.

There are a few changes that you will notice from the start, such as the lock button. This is no longer where it used to be when trying to lock in landscape mode. There is also a new brightness control near the orientation lock – wonder if this will be the same on the iPhone as well?

The first hour of running iOS 4.2 on the iPad went without a hitch, but we are certain that problems will arise once general downloads begin. What are you looking forward to the most with iOS 4.2 for the iPad?


  • Turki

    I'm looking for the Arabic keyboard. My Father have a huge library of Arabic books and he wants to search for the book he needed. Thank you!

  • jtd

    I've got the same problem. At the moment on a WEP wifi network, the everything works fine. Up until around 3 minutes, and then all downloads stop. I have to put the device into Airplane Mode or turn it off and on again, then the process repeats. Hopefully this is just restricted to the GM version. 3G seems to be unaffected, but I rarely run it on 3G. I've tried an extra restore, no effect.

  • Bucky

    having used the iOS 4.2 on an IPAD now for a day or so, I have discovered that the wirless in my home no longer stays connected with the IPAD, Prior to the upgrade it was rock solid, but as soon as I put the update on, it will work for a few minutes and then just stop responding, till I stop and start wirless or flip in and out of airplane mode. Works fine at work on the PEAP network but not on WPA at home.


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