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New Facebook Deals and Apps – Understanding Black Friday Movement

The main features from yesterdays “Facebook Mobile Event” was the new Facebook Places Deals and a new app for both the iPhone and Android. We had hoped that a new phone would have been launched by the social networking giant, but that did not come – I think that we will have to give up on the idea of a Facebook phone for now.

The new apps will already come with the “Places” feature and will become an important tool for Facebook user to find deals while out and about. They could be in a certain store and open the app then could see what deals are on offer – this could become an important tool throughout Black Friday.

I have a feeling that network carriers will feel the strain in the run-up to Black Friday, as more people will try to access “Places Deals” while in a number of stores, such as Best Buy, Walmart, Target etc, in the hope of finding what deals are on offer in that particular store.

Henri Mossinac from Facebook is correct when he said he wanted to make web on mobile devices a more social experience. According to an article on the Telegraph, mobile users are more active than those who access the social network on computers. This will be even more so toward the end of the month.

Do you think that this new Facebook feature will help you grab a Black Friday deal?



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