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MacBook Air 2010 Display Problems Confirmed With Fix

Now that the new MacBook Air 2010 models are available we have heard reports of some display-related problems, today we have found out that Apple has acknowledged these problems and appear to be working on a fix.

An internal Apple document was recently posted on SlashGear, we have embedded it at the end of this post, it clearly shows that there seems to be a display problem affecting new MacBook Airs, the main symptom is that the display flickers between dark and light colors after waking from sleep.

The good news is that a software update will fix this problem in the future, however for the time being users can close the lid for 10 seconds and reopen it to force a display power cycle, this should rectify the problem.

As we hear more news on this software update we will keep you posted, did the temporary fix work for you?

Source: SlashGear



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